New Girl

nina is new to tong highschool and only has 1 friend jessie. until she meets zayn and harry.her life changes.


2. after school

I sat with Jessie at lunch and we talked about the different events at school , she kept talking  when I got distracted at I saw zayn walk inside the cafeteria. He was walking with sarah by then I figured that she was his girl friend. Jessie soon called me, I guess she noticed I wasn’t paying attention. She told me that if I needed help with any class that zayn was a tutor at that moment I got interested in to conversation . I was glad that I was horrible at chemistry. I told her to sign me up for a couple of his tutoring days. After lunch I went to my locker to get my book for French class. He passed by me on his way to class I took a glance and I smiled excited that he might be available after school without sarah around. I got to class early and sat in the back by now I realized that the best seats were in the back . I was flipping through my book when I heard someone call my name . I didn’t realize it was my teacher ,I went up to her desk to see what she needed. “this is your new partner for the project we are doing this week.” She said. “harry “he said sticking out his hand for me to shake. “Nina” I responded He smiled and told me to sit next to him so he can catch me up with the class.  When I sat down he opened my book to the chapter they were at and told me what it was about. “I should help you with the homework for tonight so you can understand the lesson tomarrow.” Said harry. “sure where do you want to meet?” I asked “my house, I’ll text you the address.” He replied. Soon after the teacher began class. It was a drag but harry made jokes about what the first French people looked like. We laughed and laughed , the class had all of a sudden got interesting. After class he asked me for my number, and then went to the library to get me a book for our project.  I found zayn standing at my locker with a packet. “this is your tutoring schedule, we will meet every Wednesday and Friday.” He told me “thanks” I said calm and relieved. “no problem” he said with a smerk on his face. I smiled back and started walking towards to front doors to go home. When I arrived home I got a text from harry.  Harry: what time do you want to come over? Me: 4:00? Harry: perfect. Bring a notebook  Me: Whats your address? Harry: I’ll pick you by the school field. I got dressed and left home. He picked me up a little early then I expected. When I got to his house his parents thought I was his girlfriend. He blushed and I thought it was adorable . we went to his room , i sat on his bed while he got his textbook. he sat on the bed and started to explain to me the project. he got a little closer to show me what it would look like. we looked at each other and for a split second i wanted to kiss his soft pink lips. we quickly looked away and he began to help me with my homework.
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