New Girl

nina is new to tong highschool and only has 1 friend jessie. until she meets zayn and harry.her life changes.


1. first day

My first day at tong high school was like living in a movie. Most of the girls there had long dark hair, clothes that you would only see on TV, the guys there looked amazing tall, dark hair, and beautiful smiles. I was lost and embarrassed by the way I looked  I soon found my locker and I started to put my books in it when I closed my locker there was a young perky girl with short blonde hair and a huge smile on her face.  “Hi, my name’s Jessie” she said “Umm hey I’m Nina” I responded “I’m your tour guide for today” Jessie relied I didn’t say anything back she told me we had the same 1st period class and that she was going to show where most of my classes were. We arrived at my English class, when I walked in there were barely any good seats so I sat in the back with Jessie. I around and there weren’t many attractive guys except one. He had spiky dark hair and appeared to be tall from the way he was sitting. I couldn’t stop staring and his smile kept me speechless. He was looking around and he spotted me. We were looking at each other for a while but then….. He stood up and introduced himself to me. “Hey, I’m zayn “ I couldn’t speak I felt as if my words were trying to choke me “What’s your name?” he asked “I’m N-Nina” I stuttered

He seemed like a jerk by what he was wearing until he spoke to me. After that moment I thought my day was going good until a girl named Sarah walked in and gave him a kiss and went to her seat. I felt stupid to think that he would like me just a smidge

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