Over Again

It is the first day of senior year and Jackie, Morgan,Laura, Harry, Zayn, Louis, Liam, and Niall run the school. Will what they thought to be the best year of their lives be ruined by a Xfactor audition? When the girls decide to take a little vacation to Paris they just happen to run into the boys that ruined senior year. Will a romance flourish or will history repeat itself and only leave broken hearts?
Read the rest of the book to find out...


1. First Day

It was the first day of school and Jackie, Morgan, and Laura were getting ready. They had gone to Jackie's house because she had a mansion and the coolest car. Meanwhile Nall, Harry, Louis, Liam, and Zayn were getting ready at Niall's house. Jackie's P.O.V " Guys we only have an hour to get ready!" "Calm down Jackie, we have an hour" Laura replied. "Soo what did everyone bring to wear?" "I have my steve maddens, my skinny jeans, and the purple aNd blue crop top." Morgan said " I'm gonna wear my lace dress and my jimmy choos" "What about you Laura?" "Well umm I was gonna wear my white Abercrombie skirt, the wide leather belt, this white top, and sandals" "Im so excited!!!!" Laura squealed After we ha all gotten ready we had 10 min. To get to school so hopped in my loght blue convertible aston martin and we were off Nialls P.O.V It was the first day of senior year and the boys and me were lounging around my room. "So whats everyone got planned next Sat.?" "Why do you ask?" Lou said I glared at him. Had he really forgotten his best friends birthday? "Cuz its his birthday!!!!!!!!!!!" Liam said "Thanks lad" " but seriously what are we doing now that ur finally gonna be 17?" "Party at my house!!!" I said Right as I was about to continue I heard my mom yell, " If you dont hurry up you'll be late for your first day!!" "I guess thats our cue" i said an we jumped in my ferrari When we got to school we ran to homeroom and i quick chose the seat next to Jackie, Zayn sat next to Morgan, and Liam sat next to Laura. The other boys just filler in next to us. This is gonna be the best year ever!!! I was soo wrong... "Okay Class, here are everyones schedules but for today we are going to get to know each other better" Mr. Burgendi said. Great. We had gone to school together for the past 4 years why do we have to get to know each other? But it beats actually learning something so i just sat back and started to talk to Jackie. "Pssst" "Yeah?" She replied quietly "I was wondeing if u wanted to come over next week for my..." " Mr. Hor would you like to share your conversation with the class?"

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