Today was a fairytale

17 year old Alexandria lives in a small town in Alabama called Gulf Shores. Her dad is a fisherman, so she spends most of her time on the water helping him and at the beach. Nothing ever really happens here except for the large crowds of tourist and snowbirds. But one day all of this changes when she meets the guy of her dreams and her whole world is turned upside down.


1. The beginning of it all

The alarm clock beeped rapidly. It was 4:30 and I could feel dad shaking my legs, you may wonder why I must get up this early especially since it's summer. But my dad is a fisherman and I help him for extra cash. "ugh" I grunted "come on sweetie, get dressed." dad left and I jumped up, threw on a pair of denim shorts and a grey tank, quickly braided my hair and laced up my tennis shoes. The short car ride to the harbor was silent and it was still very dark outside. When we arrived I grabbed the crab cages and fishing nets from the bed of the truck and headed for the family vessel. Dad tossed me a granola bar and we waited a few minutes for the rest of his crew to show up. He had five other crew members David, Joey, Fernando, Steven and James. They were all around my dads age, except for Fernando, he was in his mid twenties and he had the cutest Spanish accent. When they had all arrived we took off into the beautiful lapping waves. The sky was now a darkish blue color and the sun was starting to rise out of the darkness of the early morning. It's the middle of June and very warm and dry during the day, but now there was a warm morning breeze. We had a fairly good catch of fish and crab, but I reeked of fish and was ready for a shower. Dad went to his cleaning house and got the fish ready for sale. I jumped in the shower and grabbed some breakfast with mom, it's now 8:40. "How'd it go this morning? Did you catch a lot?" mom questioned "yea, we had a pretty good day." "I have to head to work but I'll catch you later, bye honey." "bye mom" I watched her walk out the door and heard her drive away. She worked as the manager of Turquoise Place Resort. I love visiting her at work, the condos are the tallest in all of town and they are completely blue glass, their beautiful and many rumored stars have stayed there but my mom won't tell me who. I decide to chill at the beach for the rest of the day, and lets face it I could use a little sun anyway. I put on my high-waisted french cut navy blue bottoms with 2 rows of 3 gold buttons on each side and my red and white striped under-wire halter top. It was my favorite one I owned and I had to save up for a month to buy it. I got into my baby blue 1969 convertible Volkswagen beetle and drove to McDonald's, picked up a grilled honey mustard chicken rap and headed to Turquoise Place, on the way there Live while we're young come on the radio. I turned it up all the way and smiled as I envisioned the beautiful faces of the boys of One Direction . I text mom. "At the beach at turquoise. Meet you for lunch at 12:30" There wasn't many people on the beach because it was private, but that's what makes it great here. I laid my towel out, turned on my beach playlist and sprayed my self with oil sheen. Don't judge, it actual works very well.  I quickly fell asleep, it wasn't hard to do given I could still hear the loud waves crashing over my music and the sun warmed my skin. I woke up abruptly when sand was kicked on my face,  I had my sunglasses on so nothing got in my eyes, but i was ready to yell at someone. Before I had the chance to a beautiful, flowing Irish accent apologized " I'm so sorry love, are you okay?" There was sympathy in his voice and  he knelled down beside me and I sat up. I knew that voice anywhere! I couldn't breathe, all I wanted to do was scream, but I knew if I did that would ruin everything. "yea I'm fine." i managed to say trying to keep my cool "good, I'm Niall by the way" he stuck out his hand for me to shake and I took it. "I'm Alex, well Alexandria, Alex for short, but you can call me what ever you like." I wanted to slap myself for being so stupid. He blushed and smiled, it was clear he picked up on my nervousness. "Are you on vacation?" he ask "No I live here in town." "So you know all the good eats?" "yea" I smiled anticipating his next question "Would you like to have dinner with me tonight?" I bit my bottom lip "I'd love to." "Great, I'll pick you up at 8." we exchanged phone numbers then he got up and returned to his game of soccer with his cute dark haired friend, I couldn't see exactly but I think it was josh. I checked my watch and realized it was 12:25, So I grabbed my things and made my way up the boardwalk into the condo. 

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