Come Home

A young girl, Allison, falls in love with Niall from the band One Direction. Once he finally loves her back, he has to leave for a whole year. Can they keep their relationship strong?


1. intro&charectors

Character List:

Allison: lives in Ireland; 17 brown long lightly curled hair; blue-ish green eyes; 5'4; funny but quiet; small group of very close friends; plays basketball; only has a father

Allison's dad: 43; rarely home b/c of work

Emily: 17; allison's best friend; allison's neighbor; blonde straight long hair; bright green eyes; 5'6; smart but shy; helps allison with a lot of her problems

Cassie: Allison's "mother figure"; lives new door; 28; hangs out with a bad group; good person but gets in trouble a lot; reddish brown short wavy hair; brown eye

Lauren: 23; hates Allison; gang leader; does a lot of bad things; dating Jake(an innocent boy that gets dragged around by lauren and her gang)

Niall Horan

Zayn Malik

Harry Styles

Liam Payne

Louis Tomlinson


Allison has had few relationships that never work out. She is a big One Direction fan and Niall use to go to school with her when they were very young. Allison's mom died when she was 8 and she's been very independent since her father got a job in London. When she was little she stayed with Cassie while her dad was away but now she lives alone. She's had a rough life but keeps it to herself. After her third year of high school, she stopped going to school everyday. She mostly stayes at home taking care of the house and hanging out with her friends. She's had problems before and Emily was always there to comfort her and helped her through them. Cassie always kept her safe and gave her what she needed. Her dad was a satisfactory father. Rarely home but he would send her money and gifts. She keeps running into a girl named Lauren. Lauren tries to ruin Allisons life for an unknown reason. Lauren and Allison were never friends but Cassie and Lauren are. Cassie was forced into Laurens gang in high school and spends most of her time getting drunk or high or destroying proprieties. It's a rumor that Lauren has killed people before for disobeying her. 

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