Meeting The King you can tell by my name, I am obsessed with MJ, so in the fan fic, we get to know a little bit more about him.


14. What's Your Answer?

It's Friday now, and I still don't have an answer. I still have to call my mom. I figured now it was either now or never. I called my mom and I told her my tight options. "Well... Do you want to live with them? Would it make you happy?" She asks. "Yes... But I can't leave you and Josh behind. You're my mom, the one who brought me into this world. I can't just leave you for a chance to live with Michael." I state. "Baby, I want you to be happy. Michael has been your pride and joy since you were little. I know you want to live with them, don't worry. You still have my blood running through your veins. I'm going to come up and see you though." She replies. "Mom...Thank you!!!!" I say and all my anxiety goes away. We talk a little longer and then the phone call ends. I look to Prince and I wrap my arms around his neck. "I'm going to be a member of your family."

We all celebrate by going out to this really expensive restaurant and we all just had a really nice night. Then after that we went to a movie and Prince and I held hands. We were going to try and make this  work, but we were going to take it slow. We eventually came back to the hotel and started to pack up our stuff for our trip back home.

Once we finish, we take a plane ride back to the Neverland Ranch. "I read about this in one of your fanfics you left laying around,'s Neverland." Prince says and points out the window. I stare in awe at my childhood kingdom. "Oh my god..." I whisper to myself and see the huge mansion I'd be staring at. We all get out and I run to the door. Michael laughs at me and unlocks the door. As soon as I walk in, Bubbles, his pet chimpanzee, comes over to me wanting to be picked up. I pick him up and hold him like a toddler. Prince comes in and smiles. "I see you've met Bubbles." "He's so adorable." I say as he sucks his thumb. "You haven't met Elizabeth yet." He says smiling at me. "His elephant???" I ask ecstatically.  "Yup. I'll show you to her." I set Bubbles down and he goes off somewhere. Prince and I go back out towards the rides and everything and that's where I first met Elizabeth, his elephant, named after Elizabeth Taylor. Prince got on top of Elizabeth and he held out his hand for me. I took it and climbed up there with him. I put my arms on his shoulders and smiled. I don't think I ever stopped smiling that day. We went for a ride around the Ranch and Prince took me inside and showed me around his huge mansion. He even showed me Michael's private study. I nearly had a fangirl attack there, but kept myself together because of Prince.

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