Meeting The King you can tell by my name, I am obsessed with MJ, so in the fan fic, we get to know a little bit more about him.


3. Week, Fly By Please?

After breakfast, My Girls had to leave and go back to Cali. They got in Danae's purple Camaro and they drove off, with the top down, in the middle of winter. "It's the middle of freaking winter and they're driving with the top down, Smart Ones." I mumbled to myself as I went in and shut the door. I went upstairs to my room and I wrote in my dream journal. The entry for last night was that my friends and I were at the concert and Michael came up to me and hugged me, of course while I was screaming and crying because he was so amazing! He waited for me to calm down and he put his "Billie Jean" sequined jacket around my shoulders, I screamed and started crying again and My Girls had to turn me away for a second so I could breathe. "OMJ Michael Jackson just hugged me and gave me his jacket!!!!" I screamed. Dian held me by the shoulders and tried to remind me to breathe. My breaths came in and out in gasps, I thought I was going to have an asthma attack in front of the king! Then Michael turned me around again and hugged me once more and said, "Breathe Sweetheart." I felt safe in his arms, the way I did when my father used to hug me. Then I was woken up by Dian. "Megan, calm down, you're screaming again in your sleep. Are you okay?" She said. I hugged her and said, "I met Michael Jackson!"


The week had went very slow, my mom and I had to go back to her attorney and settle this whole thing with my father. My mom and the attorney had arranged for me and my father to have one last day to see each other before every connection I had with my dad was stripped away from me. My dad and I went hunting, like we used to. I bagged a deer and a rabbit, we took the animals back to his house to be gutted and cleaned. "You know Dad, I'm gonna miss this." I said. He ignored me and just sliced open the rabbit. We took the meat from it and stowed it in the freezer. My dad took one of the rabbits' feet and carved a hole in the bone, cleaned it off, hung it on a chain, and put it around my neck and said, "To protect you." "Dad, the day you called, did that day mean anything to you?" I asked, praying he remembered my birthday. "Not that I know of, no. Why?" He said. I had fallen a thousand feet. "Dad, March 5th, 1997 means nothing to you? Nothing?!" I yelled. "No, should it?" He asked. "It was only the day your only daughter was born!" I yelled. I ran out of his house and to our target range. My dad had built it just for us. It said above the range, 'Megan Irabella, my life'. I strung the bow and pulled it as far back as it would go and I let the arrow fly. The string snapped and lashed across my face. My dad came out and saw the red mark across my face that was now starting to bleed. He ripped a piece of his shirt off and held it to my cheek.

After that day, Jacob Riley, was just a man I had known for 16 years. He was not my dad anymore.

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