Meeting The King you can tell by my name, I am obsessed with MJ, so in the fan fic, we get to know a little bit more about him.


11. This Was Not What I Wanted

After a month of my incident with Michael, Prince and I started spending more time together. "Prince.." I started. "Yes Megan?" "Are we a thing now?" I asked him. " you want to be?" He asked. "I don't know." I said looking at him from underneath my lashes. He grabbed at my waist and kissed me softly. Michael walked in on us. "Hey Megan, I need to-" He said bursting in the door. "Well, this is awkward." I mumbled. "Megan, I need to see you in the hallway." He said going out of the door.

I followed Michael out into the hallway. "Yes?" I asked him. "You and my son are absolutely adorable together!" He said, his tone changing. "Michael...." I started. "Yes?" "You're not still mad about me.. coming on to you right?" I asked. "Megan, I completely understand, it's okay now. That's all over and done with." He said. I sighed in relief. I started to think about Prince.... "So any who, would you like to?" He asked. "Wait what?" I asked him, I was completely zoned out. "Would you like to just hang out here by yourself? Like you and Prince. I'll take Blanket and Paris to go do something...?" He asked. "Michael Joseph Jackson, are you giving me permission to have sex with your son?" I asked him, shocked. "As long as you guys are careful..." I blocked him out after that. I went back in my room and awkwardly shut the door. Prince looked at me curiously. "What was that about?" "Your dad basically just asked me if I wanted to be left alone with you and have sex with you."  I told him, a little stressed out. " you want to?" He asked. I completely shunned him and laid on Paris' bed. "What?" He asked. "Prince. You're 15, I am 16, I am not losing my virginity at 16, especially not to Michael Jackson's son. What if the condom breaks and I end up pregnant and the paparazzi are all over your family? I couldn't do that to you Prince." I told him. He came behind me on the bed. "You act like I would leave if it did break. I'm not like that Megan. I would never hurt you like that." He told me. "Prince, I came here a virgin ,I am leaving a virgin." I said stubbornly. "Oh come on. Please?" He begged. "Michael Joseph Jackson Jr., are you begging for sex? Get out." I told him. "Megan, look, I.." He started. "Get OUT." I told him. He stopped trying and left my room. I don't like being pressured into something. He got what he got. He'll probably be knocking at my door and I'll accept his apology, but I just didn't want to deal with him right now. Michael and the rest of the kids had left. It was just Prince and myself on the floor.

Prince came knocking on my door about 30 minutes later. I answered and he was holding a rose and a glass in his hand. "Prince....what is that?" I asked him. "I'm Michael Jackson's son. What I want, I get. I just bribe them to keep quiet and they get it to me." He told me. He held out the glass to me and being the stupid girl I am, I took a drink of it. "That's amazing!" I told him. It was my first taste of alcohol. I held the door open for him and shut the door behind him. I sat the glass down on the table and he pushed me down on the bed. He pressed his body against mine and started making out with me. "Prince....wait." I said against his lips. He didn't stop though. "Prince stop!" I said pushing him off me. He ripped my shirt off and I gasped. I tried to get away from him, but he was too strong, he pushed me back down and then took off my pants. "Prince stop!!" I yelled. I tried to get him off of me. He started kissing my neck and every inch of my body. I liked Prince, but I didn't want sex from him!

After he finished, Michael and the kids came back, I had to pretend like nothing was wrong, and that nothing had happened. Michael winked at me and Prince, then I just lost it. I ran to my room crying and I couldn't control the tears flowing down my face.

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