Meeting The King you can tell by my name, I am obsessed with MJ, so in the fan fic, we get to know a little bit more about him.


9. The Nomadic Life Of Stars

"This whole week I have been to 2 different states, and now I'm in a different country for 3 months!" I said looking out the window of our jet. "Yeah. By the time you get back home, you'll be speaking in a British accent." Paris told me. Then I remembered home, for the first time I thought about Josh when I thought about home. He was my dad now, my biological dad didn't care about me anymore. Then I thought about Prince. Why would he like me anyway? I mean there's nothing special about me anyway.

The plane finally landed and stopped my thinking. I grabbed my bags and got in yet another limo. These cars were putting Josh's Mercedes to shame. We drove to another hotel, laid around, I was so bored of the touring and I'd only been touring for 3 days. I decided I wasn't going to just be cooped up in a hotel, I was going to go out and explore. I took Paris with me and we walked the streets of Britain. I saw shops, and a lot of cute boys, and the girls there were beautiful. Then I took some money out of my wallet and took Paris's hand. "Come on, we're going shopping. This is a me and you day." I said. "But, what about your concert?" She asked. "We'll be back before then." I told her. Paris and I went to several shops, just letting the time pass, we even got some more bathing suits and just hanging out clothes.

When we got back, Michael wasn't very happy with me. "Where have you girls been?! It is two hours until showtime and you're walking the streets of Britain!" He yelled. I shivered. I'd never seen him mad before except for his music video, but that was just pretend, this was real. My eyes started watering. Had I just ruined my chance with Michael? I knew I wasn't good enough. Michael saw the tear streaming down my face and he calmed himself. "Megan I'm sorry." I looked at Paris and I just went to our room. Maybe this life wasn't for me. Prince followed me and knocked on my door. "Megan, look, he doesn't do that a lot, he was just worried about you. He thinks of you as his daughter." He said though the door. "Prince I have no father! My dad gave his custody to my mom, he doesn't care about me!" I cried. Michael had came with Prince and took his key and unlocked the door. Michael took me in his arms and held me. When I stopped crying I put my ear to his chest so I could hear his heartbeat. "Honey are you okay?" He asked me. I nodded and I closed my eyes. His heartbeat was so perfect, it was speeding up though. I looked up at him and he was blushing. "Why Mr. Jackson, are you blushing?" I asked him, stroking his cheek. He smiled. He slapped my butt, like a parent would in a playful matter.  "Alright we better get to that concert." He said. I hopped up and I couldn't stop smiling. Michael Jackson just touched my butt.

We got to yet another concert, performed the same songs, and came home again exhausted. I stayed up later that night though. "Paris?" I asked in my bed. "Yeah?" She replied sleepily. "I think I'm attracted to your dad." I told her. "You and the rest of the world." She said and fell asleep. That night I had a dream about Michael. I woke up hot and out of breath. Paris looked at me and said, "You kept me up all night long with your moaning." I blushed. "Oh." I said.

That week we performed three concerts there and then we moved to the East Coast of Britain. After that, I was so tired of moving. "Paris, do we ever get a break?" I asked. I was becoming physically drained. The constant practices, and concerts, and losing my voice until half the next day was over. "Megan, I think you need to stay home tonight." She said, looking at me. I was laying on the couch in our room and grasping at my throat. Michael opened the door and I sat up straight and tried to look fine. Paris rolled her eyes at me. "You ready to go rock them tonight?" He asked. I nodded and came with him. That night at the concert, during "Man In The Mirror", my voice just stopped working. We had a ten minute intermission and Michael looked worriedly at me. "Michael I can't sing the rest of the night." I managed to get out in a whisper. "Honey rest for a minute." He said and sat me in a chair. He got me some tea and just let me sit out for three songs. Then he came back to check on me. "How's your voice Princess?" He asked. He started to sing. "What about the seas?" "What about us???" I sang. I smiled. "I'm back." I came back out with him and we did "Earth Song".

After the concert was over, I was given a cup of tea and sent to bed. I sipped it carefully and I fell asleep fast. The next morning, I opened my mouth to speak and Paris interrupted me. "Nope. You're not allowed to speak today. Dad said." I sent her a text that read, "Grrrrrrrr." I scowled at her and went to go get some tea. The rest of the day was pretty boring, except Prince being very clingy to me. He was starting to grab at my waist and it was becoming awkward, I'd much rather have Michael be doing that.

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