Meeting The King you can tell by my name, I am obsessed with MJ, so in the fan fic, we get to know a little bit more about him.


2. Present Time

After eating candy all day and drinking soda, my mom decided it was time for us to chill and sit down for a minute. So I opened up Danae's first, she had gotten me an official autographed "Thriller" album. I couldn't believe it, it was Michael's actual signature. "This must've cost you a fortune! Danae, thank you." I hugged her. Then I opened up Michelle's. It was a purple sequined glove. "I made it myself, if you don't like it I can get you something else." I put it on. "I love it Michelle. Thank you." "Can you do me a favor?" She asked. "Sure, anything." I said. "Will you sing and dance to "Billie Jean"?" I ran upstairs and got my outfit on, then I came back down and started Music Choice. My mom made me stop so she could record me. Then I restarted and I did everything spot on. My mom put it up on Youtube, I'm sure.

The rest of the presents were money. So when Josh handed me an envelope, I just put it with the rest of the money, not even bothering to see how much he'd given me. "Megan Irabella, open Josh's gift! He worked very hard to get it for you!" My mom scolded. I opened the envelope and inside was a ticket to a Michael Jackson concert and a backstage pass. I screamed. I ran over to Josh and hugged him. For once in my life I said, "Thanks Dad." After I got finished, I heard the phone ringing, I ran in the kitchen and answered it. "Hello?" I asked. "Hey Megan. Is your mom around?" My dad asked. "Yeah, hold on. Mom!" I called. I put the phone on speaker before she took it, my friends came in to listen. "Look Mariah, I'm done with the kid, you, her, and Josh can have a little family of your own. I've signed all parental rights over to you." He said. My mouth hung open and my friends were waiting for a reaction from me. "You still there?" He asked my mom. My mom hung up the phone. "Megan, it's okay." I heard Dian tell me. All I was remembering were all the years I stood up for my dad to my mom, even today when I told her he'd call. Danae spun me around and hugged me. I just started crying. How could my dad do that to me? On my 16th birthday? I put it all away, deep inside my chest. "I'm alright guys. He didn't mean anything to me anyway." The words were like acid on my tongue. I hid everything that night. I wasn't going to let my father ruin my birthday and the time with my friends.

We set up the Wii and played Michael Jackson: The Experience. Of course I got 5 stars on everything. Then at midnight we all crashed on my living room floor.

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