Meeting The King you can tell by my name, I am obsessed with MJ, so in the fan fic, we get to know a little bit more about him.


7. Performing On The Stage

I felt Paris shaking me vigorously, trying to get me up. "Come on Megan, get up!" She said repeatedly. I looked at my phone, "Paris, it is 3:30 in the morning. Can I have at least 5 minutes?" I asked. "No! You have to go for vocal practice from 5-8, designers have to get clothes for you to wear tonight so about 8:30-10, and then you can have free time. We have the whole day until 5 in the evening." She said. "I drowsily got up and made my way to the shower. "Freeze." She said. "What???" I snapped. I'm not a morning person as you can tell. "They will get you clean when you get there. Let's go. You can go in your PJs to vocals." I groaned but I followed Paris to her father's room. Michael had his shirt off and was in his boxers. "So perfect..." I mumbled. "What?" He asked, he was used to getting up this early, so he was a lot more alert than me. "Huh? Uh, nothing." I said. I went to Michael's counter and made a cup of coffee for myself. "Coffee is bad for children." Michael said, looking at my like I was his own daughter. "I am not a child. Blanket is a child, I am almost an adult." I said taking a sip. He shrugged and put on a white T-shirt and a pair of grey sweat pants. Michael rushed us down to the limo and then we were off to do vocals.

I couldn't get my backup right because it was so early. After vocals, I went to get fitted for the outfits and had to stand as stiff as a board so they could measure every inch of my body. "How long does this usually take?!" I asked Paris while holding my arms out for about an hour. "I told you this morning, hour, hour and a half maybe." She replied. After the last girl came and took my foot measurements, I was free to go. "Yes! Michael how do you stand there for that long?" I asked him when we were walking to our limo. "Years and years of experience my dear." He answered. I looked at Prince, Paris, and Blanket, they all looked so bored. They probably hated having to go on tour with him.

We stopped somewhere fancy to eat that I'd never been to. After dinner I pulled the kids aside. "You guys don't look happy, why do you go on tour if you're bored out of your mind?" I asked them. Paris spoke up first, "If we don't go with him....we don't see him. For birthdays, or Christmases, he's not there to enroll us in school, our maids have to do it for him. We'd rather be bored then never see our father." I looked at Prince and he nodded in agreement with his sister. I understood that. After we got back to the hotel I took a nap on Michael's couch and then at 6:30 I woke to him carrying me to his limo. "Hi sleepy head." He said seeing my eye flutter. "Hi Michael." I replied sleepily. He laid me down in the seat and covered me with a blanket. "Rest until we get there, after, it'll be hustle, hustle, hustle." he whispered to me. My eyes fluttered shut and I was jerked out of my sleep. "Come on, let's go, wake up kid." One of the designers said as they were trying to get my clothes off so I could change for the show. I kicked off my boots and stood up. I stripped to my underwear while the designers pulled the many outfits on, checking to see if they fit right.

Before I knew it there were thousands of fans chanting Michael's name. I had never been in this big of a crowd before, and I was getting stage fright. "Megan, breathe. It's okay." Michael said, coming over to me and giving me a drink. "Michael I didn't know there'd be so many people." I said. Michael had his "Smooth Criminal" hat in his hand and when the back stage guy came up to him and said, "Mr. Jackson you're on." My stomach dropped eleven floors. Michael put his hat on and placed me where I stood. I heard the first beats to "Smooth Criminal", and like a reflex, I started doing all the right moves. We started out behind a curtain where the audience could see our shadows through it. The curtain raised and my heart stopped. In the front row, I could see the love of my life standing there watching me. Joshua, the boy I'd had a crush on since elementary school! My hair was up in a low ponytail, but the little baby hairs I had, were sticking to the sides of my face because of the sweat. Joshua looked up at me with his eyes beaming. After "Smooth Criminal", we did "Billie Jean", and then "I Just Can't Stop Loving You". For his final song, he called his kids to the stage and he sung to them, it was called, "You Are My Life". Michael, I, and the rest of the backup, smiled before we walked off the stage.

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