Meeting The King you can tell by my name, I am obsessed with MJ, so in the fan fic, we get to know a little bit more about him.


10. My Alone Time With Michael

Paris, Prince, and Blanket decided to go spend some time with their aunt Janet, who was also touring here. I stayed with Michael in the hotel. I hung out in his room watching TV with him. I got up to get a Pepsi and when I came back, I thought. When's the next time this is ever going to happen? I grabbed at Michael's collar and I kissed his lips. Michael slightly pushed me away, but I held to him, pushing my body against his. "Megan," He said against my lips. I giggled under his lips and said, "Just relax." "Megan, stop." He said. I pushed myself closer to him and then he pushed me off. I blushed like wildfire and I ran out of his room. I laid on my bed in the dark and was fangirling. I JUST KISSED MICHAEL FREAKING JACKSON! I screamed and I just couldn't control the tears that followed from my fangirling attack. Michael knocked on my door, but I couldn't pull myself together to get up and answer it. He unlocked it with his key and he came in. I hid my face away from him and I tried to control my screams. "Megan, look, we can't... I could get in serious trouble for that Megan. You're only sixteen." He said calmly. "Michael I want you!" I said. I didn't think before the words met my lips. He blushed. "Megan, it's not possible." He said. "Are you saying you want me too? Michael you can have me!" I told him. "I'm saying even if I did want you like that, it wouldn't be possible." He said and walked away. My fangirling stopped and reality set in. He didn't want me. I got in my night clothes and I put in my headphones, but, this time, it wasn't Michael, it was a screamo band.

The next morning, I woke up and there was a note on my bed. "Megan, my dear, last night, I hope, will never happen again. Honey it's nothing personal, I just, it would be all over the news that I had kissed you, when you came on to me. Dear, I hope we have an understanding, I'm so sorry.

-Michael J."

My dreams of ever getting with Michael were crushed. I crumbled up the note and threw it underneath the bed. When the kids came home, I was grateful, I wasn't alone with Michael anymore. I never thought I'd ever think that in my life. "Hi Megan." Paris said. "Hey Paris." "What's wrong? What happened while we were gone?" She asked. "Nothing." "Megan it's obviously something. Tell me, or I'll go get Dad." She dared. "I don't care." I said. I laid on my bed and stared out the balcony window. "Megan," She said worriedly. "Paris don't worry about me okay?" I told her. She left the room and shortly Prince came in. "Hey Megan." Prince said. "Hi Prince." I said back, but not moving. He laid behind me on the bed and said, "Why don't you turn around so I can see your beautiful face?" He asked. I turned around and he stroked my cheek. "Have you been crying Princess?" He asked. I nodded. "What's wrong Beautiful?" I didn't want to tell him so I just shook my head. "Oh come on Princess, you can tell me." He said. His face was inches from mine. He stared at my lips. He gently grabbed my cheek and pulled my lips to his. I smiled under his lips. He pulled away and said, "There's that beautiful smile, Princess." "I knew you had a crush on me." I told him. "Oh you did?" He said rubbing one of my thighs. Paris came in and she quickly went back out and shut the door, winking at me. "Little siblings." He said. "I have none." I said sticking my tongue out at him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and locked his lips with mine. "I thought you had a crush on my dad, but I guess it's on me." He said. I groaned and I felt sick to my stomach and I pulled away from his lips. I rolled over and he wrapped his arm around me and rested his hand on my stomach. I turned on the TV and stayed that way the rest of the day, then night came.

Michael came in my room. "Prince, please go in your room. I don't want anything going on in here tonight." He said. "Michael I would never-" and then I just stopped in my tracks. I closed my eyes as Prince kissed my head and moved his hand from my stomach. Michael left with his son and Paris came in. "So.....You sure you don't want to talk?" She asked. I sat up and looked at her with tears in my eyes. "Paris I'm in love with your dad! I kissed your dad last night and I just...I had no control over myself! Paris he hates me now! What am I going to do?"

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