Meeting The King you can tell by my name, I am obsessed with MJ, so in the fan fic, we get to know a little bit more about him.


12. Life In The Really Fast Lane

I just went on with the concerts and the weird glances from Prince and kept faking a smile, acting like nothing happened. Paris said I screamed in my sleep, but I care not to remember those dreams.... Michael also noticed I didn't eat and was losing a ton of weight, not that I was big to begin with, so now I looked anorexic. Michael was constantly trying to get me to eat something, but I never did. Prince was truly sorry for what he had done, and he could see the effects it had on me. It wasn't until the designers pointed out the scars on my body, that Michael truly stepped in. He took me to a restaurant where we could talk privately. "Megan, is there something you want to talk about?" He asked. I looked silently at him and pushed at my food. He took my hand and looked at it. "Megan what happened there?" "Accident." I told him. Michael was not being fooled at all. "Megan I know you're cutting and I know you're starving yourself, my question is, why? Do I need to send you home? Is this too much for you? Honey please open up to me." He said. "Ask Prince." I told him.

Michael and I went back to the hotel and he went in Prince's room. I stayed in mine, trying not to hear the yelling from Michael once Prince told him everything. I had never really heard Michael this mad. Michael actually cared about me. I heard a knock at my door and I wasn't about to answer it. I didn't want to see Prince if it was him, and if it was Michael I didn't want his apologies for his son's actions. Paris answered it and it was Michael. He ran to me and hugged me tightly, like I was his own kid. I started crying his arms, he knew everything now, I didn't have to hide it anymore. It felt so amazing to just let it all go. I was just glad he wore least I think he did...

The next few weeks were pretty brutal, at least we were headed back to the US and I could just take a plane to home if I wanted. We all piled on a jet and pretty soon, we were in New York. Michael and I performed many concerts in Britain, but they were long and exhausting, here at least there wasn't as much preparation and stuff that needed to be done. Then, while Michael and I were browsing a newsstand, I saw on a magazine, "Could Megan Riley be the mother of Prince Jackson's baby? See more on 1st page." I screamed. "No!!! No! No, no, no, no!" My face was plastered all over the front cover. I turned the page and on it it read, "This young couple, staying at a hotel, was left alone and was heard a floor below making very sexual noises, so could Prince and Megan be sexually active? Michael's opinion on this? Possibly to never leave these two lovers alone again!" I screamed at that. "MICHAEL!!!!" I threw him the magazine and he read it and flashed a glare at Prince. "Honey, nobody pays attention to these. It's okay. Breathe." "No I don't wanna breathe! This is probably all over the news! My mother has probably seen this!" As I said that I got a text message. "Yeahhh Gurrl. I read that little article about you wit MJ's son." Then another, "Megan Irabella Riley, what the hell are you doing?! I just saw your face on the news with Prince! You better still be a virgin missy! You have some explaining to do when you get this." My face showed absolute horror and I slapped Prince. "Look what you did! Ugh!" Prince rubbed his cheek and then looked at me, "Hey you could've said no!" "I tried! You must've not've got the message when I tried to run away from you and you pulled me back and ripped my shirt off!" I yelled back at him. Paris was confused, then she understood. "Prince! You didn't!" She yelled, looking disappointed at her brother. "Paris, stay out of this." Prince told her. "No! Prince you raped her!!!" She yelled loud enough to attract paparazzi. "Dammit Paris." I said. I attempted to make my way through the crowd unnoticed, and that was difficult. "So Prince raped you?" "Are you and Prince dating?" "Are you pregnant with his child?" "How did he rape you, tell us all about the experience." They asked, so many of them, I hated this. I wanted to run and hide. I ran to a nearby alley and hid from the paparazzi, but I wasn't necessarily in a better spot now, I was now between a brick wall and a man with a knife. "Dammit can I ever get lucky? Oh wait, that was my first problem." I mumbled under my breath. "Hi Sweetness." The man said. "Shit." I said as he put the knife to my throat. I closed my eyes and winced away from it hoping a miracle would happen. God was on my side and it did. Prince punched the guy and took me in his arms. "I'm not going to hurt you again. I promise." He said looking to my eyes. It looked sincere. He took me in his arms and led me through the swarming paparazzi to a limo and back to Michael, Paris, and Blanket.

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