Meeting The King you can tell by my name, I am obsessed with MJ, so in the fan fic, we get to know a little bit more about him.


17. Graduation...Not My Thing

One year later...

In a few more days, I would be graduating, I was so excited! I seriously missed Michael and Paris though. His name I promised to never think of again, and I never did, until today. I was reading Moonwalker for like the 100th time and I honestly missed them all. I hadn't stayed in contact with Paris like I promised....My parents were glad to see me when I came home, but I didn't do anything for 2 months but cry.

I finally got a text from Paris and she told me that they were going to be in Indiana. I was sorta happy. I had invited them to my graduation. This should be interesting.

It finally became the day of my graduation, sitting in the front row was Michael freaking Jackson, my mom, Paris, Prince and my step dad. I walked up to get my diploma as they called my name but I fell over my gown and into Michael's arms. I blushed deeply and then my principal looked down and saw Michael. "Mr. Jackson, it's an honor having you here tonight!" he said rather loudly. I just put my head in my hands so many people were rushing to him now, we had to create a diversion to get them away from him, he was being swamped. "I'm so sorry Michael..." I say quietly and help lead them out the back exit without people noticing.

After we got them safe, we went to a restaurant and sat down to a sorta family meal. "We're so happy you could come to Megan's graduation." My mom said smiling at him. The dinner was absolutely and completely awkward, until Prince took my hand under the table. I looked up into his sparkling eyes and he flashed a caring smile at me. A blush came to my cheeks and Michael and Paris noticed. I took a sip of my drink and tried not to get too red. "Oh baby did you get sunburnt today?" My mom asked and I blushed even more, of course she'd point it out.

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