Meeting The King you can tell by my name, I am obsessed with MJ, so in the fan fic, we get to know a little bit more about him.


8. Free Day

After we got back to the hotel, I crashed on my bed. I didn't even bother to change, I was exhausted. I woke up at about 9 the next morning, which was unusual for me. I woke up in sweatpants and my shoes were off. I saw Paris putting on makeup in the mirror and I came up behind her and put my hand on her shoulder. "Paris, you're beautiful enough without makeup on." "The paps don't think that. They think I should look perfect, like a little Barbie doll, after all, my dad is the one and only, King Of Pop." She said, finishing her eyeliner on her left eye. "Don't listen to them. After all, they killed your dad's best friend." I said, remembering Princess Diana and the bond she had with Michael. "Diana Ross, Dad doesn't talk about her much anymore, I think he just wants to forget the memories. He blocks bad things out. Like with his father, and the media, constant criticism from the media... " She trailed off. "Paris, did you change my clothes while I slept last night?" I asked, changing the subject. "Yeah. I'm sorry... I didn't want you to be uncomfortable." She replied, brushing out her hair. "No, it's fine. I was just curious." There was a knock at our door. I looked through the peephole and it was Prince. I smiled and started blushing, but I didn't know why. I opened the door and he gasped. "I thought Paris would open the door, I figured you'd be sleeping." He said blushing. He was shirtless and only wearing his boxer shorts. "Stop blushing Prince. What is it you needed darling?" I couldn't help but smiling. "I just needed to talk to Paris alone, if I could, I don't mean to be rude." He said, looking at me, watching if his words had hurt me or angered me. "No it's perfectly fine. I'll go lay in in a chair on the balcony. She's in the bathroom." I said, moving so he could get in.

I laid on the chair soaking up some missed sun, shortly Paris laid with me. "Prince likes you." She said. "Oh he does?" I asked, screaming inside. Michael Jackson's son has a crush on me!!!!! "Yup." She said, popping the 'p'. "Is that what you two talked about?" I asked. "Yeah. He said you were cute and that I should help set you two up." She explained. "Well, isn't he sweet." I said. "I gotta get outta this hotel. You wanna go swimming?" She asked me. "Can we stop at one of my friend's house first? I really want them to come." I asked, hoping she would. "Of course, but, I've never hung out with as many people older than me, well besides adults, any other teenagers." She said carefully. "Paris, they'll be nice. But, we can't go in a limo, okay? Too obvious. I'll have Danae pick us up in her Porsche." I said. "I'll go get in my swim suit. Do you have a bikini?" She asked. "Paris, I'm 16. I don't own one pieces anymore. Go get your bikini Princess." I said winking at her. "I just didn't wanna feel weird, being the only one showing off my stomach." She said, rushing to her suitcase. I called Danae. "Hey! I heard you performed with your idol last night, how does it feel?" She asked. "Exhausting. Look I need a favor." I told her. "Anything." She said. "I need you to come pick me and Paris up at the hotel and take us to the Dolphin Club. We can't be seen in a limo." I explained. "Okay, be there in a sec." Danae said and hung up the phone. I texted Prince to tell his dad we were going to the pool. He asked if he could come. I replied, "Okay." I changed quickly into my bikini and I grabbed two towels for Paris and myself.

Danae texted me, "I'm here." I pulled Paris off her phone, she was blowing up her Instagram with pictures. We knocked on Prince's door, telling him to get down to the lobby. Danae was in shock. "You have Michael Jackson's kids with you?!" She asked ecstatically. "Yes. They wanted to come. Let's just go." I said. We put the top down and we rode to the Dolphin Club. We found four empty seats and laid them back. We tanned for what seemed like hours.

"Okay, this is boring." Prince announced and walked to the diving board. He jumped, did one flip, two flips, and barely made the third before hitting the water. When he reached the surface, I clapped. "Nice. I can do better!" Paris called to him. "Oh yeah?" He asked. "Anybody can do flips, 5 laps around the pool." She said. Paris threw herself in the water next to her brother. "Go!" I shouted. Paris gasped for breath and jumped underwater, Prince had a late start. They had each made 4 laps and were neck and neck. Paris grabbed the diving board and took a deep breath. "I won!" She said, triumphantly. Prince was out of breath when  he grabbed the diving board. "Only because I let you win." He said. "Rematch?" She asked holding out her hand. "I don't think I should put the smackdown on you. I'm on the swim team remember?" He said. After Prince proved to her that he was letting her win, he got out of the pool and picked me up. "No, no, no, no!" I screamed. He was rocking me, getting ready to toss me in the pool. "One... " He said. "No!" "Two... " He counted. I was holding onto him for dear life. "Three..." He held me close to him and ran and jumped. There was a long way to the bottom so we would be fine. He pulled us back up to the surface and he laughed. "See I didn't throw you." He said. I got out of his arms and laid back in my chair. "I told you he liked you." Paris whispered, giggling. I fell asleep in the sun, but I woke up before I burned, well, I was woken up by Prince. Prince had taken a water bottle and poured it all over my back. I shivered. "Dammit Prince!" "Hey I saved you from being burned, calm yourself Princess." He told me. I looked at Danae and she shrugged. I decided to get in the water one last time, then dry off and go back to the hotel.

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