Meeting The King you can tell by my name, I am obsessed with MJ, so in the fan fic, we get to know a little bit more about him.


15. Dates, Dreams, and Distance

It was starting to get late and I was getting a little relaxed finally being here. "Megan would you like to go to the movies with me?" Prince asked whilst we were sitting on the living room couch. "Sure. When?" I ask smiling. "Now." He said and took my hand. He took me outside and we rode to Michael's theater in a golf cart. I smiled and he took my hand and lead me inside. I didn't know what movie we were watching but I knew it was something scary. I snuggled closer to Prince and at some parts, I buried my face in his chest.

After the movie was over, it was pretty late. Prince carried me to my new room and laid me down on the bed. I fell into a peaceful sleep as he shut my door. ~Paris and I were getting ready to go to the Grammys with Michael because of course he'd been nominated for like four more. I was putting on a sparkly purple dress and Paris was helping me pick out what shoes to wear. "Wear those heels." She told me. I picked up the matching heels and Prince knocked on the door. "Come in." I called smiling. He wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my lips softly. "You look great." He said flashing a smile. "So do you." I say looking down at his attire. He blushed a little and then I sat down to put on the heels. I went over to the mirror to reapply my mascara and several layers of lipstick and lip gloss. After I finished, I walked over to Prince and tied his tie for him. He looked so much like Michael. I looked at Paris and she looked gorgeous. Since she was two years younger than me, I felt like an older sister. I walked behind her and put on her necklace for her seeing she was having trouble.~


I awoke to a chirping of the birds outside my window and stretched. I took a step outside my door and gazed down the long hallway. God his house is so big I'm going to get lost inside of it! I went past a few bedrooms and looked down some stairs and saw another long hallway. I went down the stairs and followed the hallway, which to my surprise, lead me to the Master Bedroom...which was Michael's. I knew it was wrong but I opened the door and looked around. I saw a Jolly Green Giant figurine standing around the corner of his bedroom. His bed was made so I was saved from being caught. I looked around and saw a huge walk in closet. His closet was bigger then my room back at my ho- my old home. I wasn't getting homesick yet...or so I thought I wasn't at least. I looked at some of his clothes and almost fainted. Professionally made and had to be more expensive then my parent's car. The fabric was so soft and the diamonds on his clothes were so sparkly. "Hi." A shy voice from behind me said. It was Michael. I jumped ten feet in the air and gasped. I looked behind me and blushed. "I..I'm sorry Michael.." "No it's fine." he said and walked over to me. "You're not mad?" I asked in a shy voice. "Of course not. Are you lost?" He asked. "Yeah..I found your room and you weren't in here and I kinda wandered into your closet...I'm sorry." I said finally looking into his eyes. "Megan it's fine. I was going to send for you anyway...Are you hungry?" "A little bit." "Okay come on, breakfast is ready."

After breakfast, it was a pretty relaxing day. I went out to the roller coaster part of Neverland with Blanket, Paris, and Prince. I had a great time, but I couldn't shake the feeling...I'd never see my parents again. Around two, I went inside and realized I'd missed a call from my mom. I listened to the voicemail and started tearing up. "Megan, Mommy and Josh miss much. I hope you're having a wonderful time in California with Michael and Prince and...her name is Paris right? He has another son right? What's his name....? Well anyway, Megan we love you and we want you to live your dream, and I want my little performer to make sure she gets sleep, and keeps her grades up and...Megan take care of yourself. I love you so much Megan Irabella. Promise me you won't forget about us? When you get this message I want you to call me right back okay? I love you Honey." She said, her voice cracking several times. I went over to Prince and hugged him tightly, crying into his chest.

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