Broken road (AU)

Louis Tomlinson is an accomplished psychologist who works at Coral Gables rehabilitation center in Miami. He specializes in the "special" clients,such as celebrities. What will happen when he meets Harry Styles a very rich and famous celebrity detoxing from a severe addiction? (AU) boyxboy (MA)


3. The New Patients Arrive..... (chapter 3)

" You never really told me what happened there." Liam stated obviously trying to get answers out of me. I guess it was time to tell him anyway. "Fine I'll tell you..."

****Flash Back ****


I wanted to tell him I loved him as I opened my mouth he glanced my way and whispered "Don't say the word that's on your lips.Don't look at me that way. Just promise you'll remember .When the sky is grey." I nodded and leaned into his thin but toned body. He grabbed his bags and slung it over his shoulder. He grabbed both of my trembling hands in his big sweaty ones and cried "So please don't make this any harder.We can't take this any farther,and I know there's nothing that I wanna change." he dropped my hands opened the door and left me cold and unwanted staring at the floor.

  I never knew the actual reason he left. He was so sweet and called me when he had spare time, but I never understood why he had to hide our relationship from his best friends. One night after we talked I decided to watch E! News and a story about them was playing. "Why not watch it ? What harm could it do?" I though foolishly.
  The main anchor belted

" Can you believe Harry and Caroline have been going strong for one whole year?!?!"

" I can't believe it either! I thought that relationship would be over in a month tops." The other exclaimed excitedly.

A picture of them popped up on the screen and my heart broke.

Was he doing this to harm me? I couldn't think straight. The worse part was that she was our boss.  Tears started to pour down my face, maybe she was a beard, but the anchor said other wise.

" They were seen last night leaving Club Cuca.( If you guys have ever read this fan fiction omfg isn't it good) They were celebrating One Directions album going platinum. While waiting for a Taxi thins started to get heated.

We even got a glimpse of the Harry leaving her flat leaving early in the morning. Are things getting serious for the couple do we hear wedding bells in the near future?" The laughed and moved on to the next segment. I broke down into tears. I had never even heard about her! Well I though I had never heard about her. The next day I went to work actually dreading having to talk to Harry. I walked inside and Caroline passed right by me. I did a double take, I though I had seen her before! Everything was so crystal clear.

Caroline , my boss was dating my boyfriend. That's when I burst into tears.

**** End Of Flash Back****

"That's when you found me in the bathroom. After that When we got home I broke up with Harry." I finished sniffling slightly. I felt strong arms wrap around my shoulders. I looked up into his light blue eyes. "Thanks for telling me." He whispered.

( guys I found this picture in tumblr and decided that this is how Liam is going to look like in this story. That's why I said " I looked up into his blue eyes." not brown.GUYS I'M GOING TO FINISH UPDATING THIS LATER )

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