Broken road (AU)

Louis Tomlinson is an accomplished psychologist who works at Coral Gables rehabilitation center in Miami. He specializes in the "special" clients,such as celebrities. What will happen when he meets Harry Styles a very rich and famous celebrity detoxing from a severe addiction? (AU) boyxboy (MA)


5. The New Patient Part 2 (chapter 4)

Harry P.O.V.

 "Do I really have to go?" I groaned for about the millionth time since we got into the car.

" YES! Now Harry shut the fuck up! I have a really bad hangover." Niall scolded me while giving me the bird.

I sighed, this was just fabulous! Note the sarcasm. I can't believe they're making me go to rehab! I mean it's not like I'm a nut case like Zayn. He hasn't talked to anyone for months! I put my head phones in and didn't even play the music. My thoughts were too loud, and that little voice was calling my name. It beckoned me to just end it all, but how would I be able to do that? 

I was going to be under constant surveillance and care to prevent what I wanted most. A sweet release, because life  without him is unbearable. My wrist tickled signalling I was being triggered by my own haunting thoughts. I needed to get over him! But how was I supposed to do that if he took my heart with him when he left.

So I guess you want to know why I'm say he he  he well, I was in love once. I gave him me. My entirety, who I was. I loved to see him smile and laugh. When he cried, I cried too because it physically hurt me to see him in pain.He was my world, and when he left, life just wasn't worth living. It still isn't. Tears threatened to run freely down my hallow cheeks.

I bit my bottom lip to keep it from trembling. At that moment the car stopped and I rushed inside the building that was ahead. I didn't even read the sign. I dashed around the corridors looking for somewhere private to be, and I finally found a room. I walked into a maroon office and plopped down carelessly on the big black leather couch.

There were several book cases lined around the rooms dark colored walls. There were bay window looking out into the ocean. You could hear the seagulls squawking, children laughing, and soft music playing in the distance. The sun was setting making the sky a rainbow of soft pinks, purples and reds. But I couldn't enjoy any of it. Everything lost it's appeal to me.

Soon the tears I had been holding in danced down my face creating patterns on my dry skin. My body shook with sobs. I brought my knees up to my chest and rocked back in forth trying to calm myself. But that was impossible. I really couldn't take this pain anymore. It was becoming hard to breath and my shaky hands fumbled in my pockets as I searched for my inhaler.

It was no where to be found. I gasped for breath still not being able to calm myself enough to stop sobbing. I was shaking from head to toe, and I realized that I wasn't having an Asthma attack, I was having a panic attack.


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