Broken road (AU)

Louis Tomlinson is an accomplished psychologist who works at Coral Gables rehabilitation center in Miami. He specializes in the "special" clients,such as celebrities. What will happen when he meets Harry Styles a very rich and famous celebrity detoxing from a severe addiction? (AU) boyxboy (MA)


2. I'm going to quit (chapter2)

Louis' P.O.V.

I placed the file down and rubbed my eyes I was probably just imagining things. I sighed and Leaned back in my chair. If it was Harry's file I was going to have to tell Simon to please give his case to someone else. And God knows how that man can be. I shuffled over to the window in my office and took out the book I was currently reading. I opened the window and sat on a chair that placed looking outside. I read quietly trying to distract myself.

" So Lou who'd ya get this time." Liam asked interrupting my train of thought. I stopped reading such a long time ago I was just staring at the book letting my thoughts race. " Um I got Zayn Malik, Niall Horan and...." I just stopped talking and reached for the file and looked at the name. " Wow! How lucky are you!" Liam congratulated me. " Not really." I replied flatly. " C'mon Lou you got two members of your favorite band like ever. The only down side would be if you got Him." Liam hissed the last word. I sighed and started to pace in front of Liam's still figure.

" Wait you're not trying to tell me-" I interrupted him." That's exactly what I'm trying to tell you." I cried and sat down on the floor. " Are you kidding me?" Liam thundered I flinched as he started to pace stomp around the room. " Okay so are you going to take his case on or..." Liam inquired still stomping around the room. " What other choice do I have Simon isn't just going to let me give his case up." I whinnied while gripping the file tight in my hand. " Let me see it." Liam demanded while taking a seat next to me.

" You know I can't just give you the file right? We could get in trouble, loose our jobs, get sued, but even worse we could go to prison. Liam I don't want to go to prison." I panicked while shivering at the though of prison. " Just give it to me." he said while snatching the file out of my trembling hands." Can you read it out loud," I whispered, " I haven't had the courage to read it yet." " Okay." He replied simply. Sweat started to bead on my forehead as the room got very cold all of a sudden.I started to shake and got up to get a blanket off of the black leather couch in the opposite corner of the room.

" Name: Harry Styles

Gender: Male

Date Of Birth: February 1, 1994

Info:  Developed severe depression after the end of a serious relationship in the summer of 2011.This has made him Suicidal even with the aid of medication. Abuses the substances alcohol, angle dust, and ecstasy. "

Liam read out loud his voice faltering when he read "Developed severe depression after the end of a serious relationship in the summer of 2011."  I buried my head into his shoulder and took a deep breath. " You don't think..." Liam stated. " Oh, but I do." I responded weakly. " His depression
was caused after he broke up with Caroline Flack, our ex boss."

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