You were never mine

Something happend to Ann that hurt her so much to make her quit music, only singing for her mom now. She is a normal girl trying to survive on her last year of high school but its not easy when you fall in love with a guy that only wants one thing. or does he wants something else?

Adam is the high school popular kid not only he is gorgeous but he is one of the best football players in the state of Florida with a bright future ahead of him, he doesn't have to time for distractions, but what happens when a simple "Buddy" turns to mean somethign more than just a friend with benefits?


2. Chapter 2

“Ms. Rose can you demonstrate exercise number 3?” My calculus teacher said. Great just what I needed it.

“Yeah sure” I said standing up passing by Adam’s table. Don’t look at him Ann. I did the exercise going back to my table in the back of the classroom.
“Thank you Ms. Rose” My teacher said as he called someone else to do another exercise. I could hear people whispering while I was up there. I try to ignore everyone during school but my two best friends bur shit I was getting really tired of their childish ways.
“Okay class homework is on the board see you tomorrow” He said leaving the classroom. I saw Hali and Chelsea outside my classroom talking to two football players. Grabbing my bag I walked outside.
“Hey babe ready to go?” Hali asked me smiling at me.
“Yeah let’s go” I said walking away from the two guys.
“Bye guys” I heard Hali said to the football guy.
“How was class?” Chelsea asked me knowing how I hate it that damn class.
“Ehh same as always” I told her inside the locker room.
“Why is their problem?” Hali said throwing her bag in the floor.
“I don’t know and I don’t care” I said taking my clothes off and putting my spandex and practice shirt on.
“So have you and umm you know who talked since that day?” Chelsea said without looking at me. I looked at Hali who was putting her shoes on.
“No we haven’t and I’m not surprise” I said closing my bag.
“I’ll talk to you guys after practice have to work on my passes” I said walking to the door. Why would he talk to me I mean he got what he wanted it. It’s always the same thing. I put my headphones on walking to the big gym when I saw the whole football team at the cafeteria. Fuck! I hate walking in my spandex around the football team, let’s just say I have ummm a big ass and big asses and spandex do NOT go together. I tried to walk as fast as I could without starting running.
“Aye Ann how are you?” I heard one of the football players said, I saw who it was and smile at him not wanting to be rude.
“Hey Aaron I’m good just going to practice” I said stopping at his table.
“Oh yeah we are going to be at the gym too today” He said winking at me. WHAT?!
“What? Why?” I said not trying to hide my surprise. The football team never practice in the gym.
“We have some kind of new drill and coach wants us to do it inside.” He said looking at the rest of the guys in the table.
“Well good luck with that, I have to go. Bye Aaron” I said turning around to leave when I saw Adam walking towards me, my heart was beating so hard I was sure the whole cafeteria could hear it. I started walking pass him when I felt his hand brush with mine making me look a his face. He gave me that smile I love and I just melted right there well not literally.
“Nice ass Rose” He said loud enough for the whole football team to hear making them laugh, fucking asshole.
“Shut up Evan” I said walking away from him and like that he went back to the same Evan I knew. I got to the gym and saw everyone already stretching. I spotted Hali and Chelsea walking towards them.
“The football team is” I started saying when the guys started coming inside the gym with their football pants and those damn really tight shirts that make their muscles stand out.
“Practicing here today” I finished saying to the girls. I could see every girl in the team fixing their hair and making their spandex shorter. Sluts.
“Okay girl eyes on me. I don’t want you girls talking to the football team at all. Now teachers have told me that some girls in the team have been slacking in school. I’m not saying names but you guys kow what that means.” He said looking at me. FUCK MY LIFE! Not again.
“So anyone have anything to say?” Coach said looking around all of us. I knew they were not going to come and say anything so that means one thing. They all looked at me.
“Okay then Ann to the base line” coach said, I grabbed some water then walking to base line.
“I can’t believe you guys, she been running a lot because of YOUR mistakes” Hali said getting on the base line with me. I looked at her confused. The hell is she doing?
“Hali get out of here you know you can’t run with that messed ankle” I said pushing her aside.
“and you guys better start doing what you are supposed to do, I’m tired of having to do this because you guys” I said looking at every single girl at the gym.
“Okay Ann when I say go you start sprinting till I tell you to stop. No Slacking” He said looking at me. I nodded looking straight forwards till I heard coach say go. I started running back and forth. I could feel the excitement running through my body. I didn’t mind running I just hate it when I had to do it because someone else fault.
“Come on Ann!” I heard someone said, I pushed my legs to run faster. Fuck this hurt.
“Stop” I heard said and I stopped.
“Okay now someone has anything to say?” Coach asked again. Silence.
“Ann base line!” Coach screamed making everyone looked at me even the football players. I went to the base line again.
“Go!” He said as I started sprinting again. I could feel their eyes on me making me feel wired. I kept running till coach said stop. I put my arms over my head trying to catch my breath.
“Anyone has anything to say!” Coach screamed again. Silence.
“Ann base line!” He said again.
“Again?” I heard one of the football players asked.
“Go!” Coach said looking at me. I started running again this time faster, I was getting really tired of this shit. I couldn’t even say no cause I was captain.
“Stop” Coach said I stopped looking around.
“Now are we going to keep making her run or someone is going to say something” Coach asked again going to the middle of the gym. Silence.
“Are you serious?” I said looking at my team.
“Ann base line!” Coach said. I walked to the base line and started running when coach said go. I ran until my legs couldn’t go anymore. I stopped trying to catch my breath.
“Is she okay?” I hears someone asked.
“I’m fine” I said startingto run again.
“Stop Ann” Coach said.
“Okay now does anyone have ANYTHING to say?” Coach asked, knowing no one was going to say anything I started going to the base line when I heard someone talk.
“Why does she have to run so much?” I heard Evan asked coach.
“Because some players on the team are slacking in school and they don’t want to say who they are” Coach told Evan. Evan looked at me then at my team.
“Guys on the base line” Evan said to the football team, they did just as he asked.
“What are you guys doing?” I asked them.
“We are running with you” Evan said without looking at me.
“Why?” Someone on my team said.
“Because she needs a team and that’s what we are going to be to her since her own team is not doing that” He said looking at her. Who is he? Did someone trade him with a nicer Evan?

“Go!” Coach said and we started running. I looked at Evan who was running at my speed and gave him a small smile. I started to run faster until coach said stop. I couldn’t run anymore. I collapse on the floor trying to catch my breath.
“Ann are you okay?!” I heard Aaron asked me. I couldn’t talk so I just nodded.
“Okay now that we that sort out, we can start practice” coach said looking at me.
“You can work on your passes after you take 15 Ann” He said to me. I closed my eyes breathing trying to calm myself.
“Thank you guys” I said at the guys who were now surrounding me.
“No problem babe” Aaron said smiling at him.
“Here let me help you up” He said offering his hand.
“Thanks Aaron, you guys didn’t have to do that for me” I said looking at Evan now who was looking at Aaron like he wanted to kill him making me rolled my eyes,
‘We did your teammates actually said something after we started running with you” One of the guys said to me.
“They did” I asked looking around. There were three freshman’s doing reminder outside.
“Fucking freshies” I said looking at the boys again. Some of them stared laughing leaving me and Evan alone.
“Ann we have to talk” He said his smile disappearing from his face.
“About what Evan?” I said trying to sound nice afte what he just did.
“About what happened last time” He said taking a steo towards me.
“We have nothing to talk about” I said taking a step back. Everything happened so fast my breath got caught up in my troath. His lips were inches away from me, his eyes looking straight at my eyes.
“The hell we don’t” He said, I could already feel his lips on mine. SNAP OUT OF IT ANN!!!
“Get the hell away from me Evan” I said to him making him snap out of it too.
“S-sorry Ann I don’t know what I was thinking” He said leaving me there speechless. What the hell just happened?
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