You were never mine

Something happend to Ann that hurt her so much to make her quit music, only singing for her mom now. She is a normal girl trying to survive on her last year of high school but its not easy when you fall in love with a guy that only wants one thing. or does he wants something else?

Adam is the high school popular kid not only he is gorgeous but he is one of the best football players in the state of Florida with a bright future ahead of him, he doesn't have to time for distractions, but what happens when a simple "Buddy" turns to mean somethign more than just a friend with benefits?


1. Chapter 1


I could feel his breath on my neck making me realized what I just did. The events of the night before coming back to me way too fast for my liking. Fuck! When did I fall back to his games? Oh yeah when he looked at me with those damn stupid eyes. Just look at him Ann, just do it he’s probably sleeping. Taking a deep breath I looked at the guy lying next to me. His light brown hair that normally is always in a perfect hair style now it’s a mess falling on his forehead. He looked so innocent, stop Ann snap out of it right now! You know better than that.

“Adam wake up!” I screamed into his ear pushing him off my bed.

“What the FUCK Ann!?” I heard him said from the floor. I smile formed on my lips knowing that must had hurt my bed was in a really high platform.

“Why are you still here?” I simply said closing my eyes not wanting to see those blue eyes that make my heart skip a beat.

“What do you mean?” I hear him said way too close to me. Breath Ann, don’t let him know how much he affects you.

“Well you got what you wanted AGAIN so umm why are you still here?” I said opening my eyes to see him looking at me with his hand under his jaw. Look at that jaw line so damn yummy. What? Snap out of it damn it!

“Don’t act like you didn’t wanted as much as I did” He said smiling his million dollar smile literally.

“Oh please Adam you know I did, I just didn’t expect you to stay here all night” I said standing up from the bed. I looked at his shocked expression after what I just said. I turned around looking straight in his eyes not wanting him to see through my facade.

“Can you please leave? My parents are going to be here in a couple of minutes” I said trying not to run in his arms.

“Yes I sure can, I don’t even know why I try” He said mostly to himself, well he said that way too loud.

“What did you just said?” I said trying to understand what did that mean.

“Nothing Ann just forget it” He said grabbing his under shirt from the floor.

“Great” I said grabbing a shirt from my desk trying not to think much about he just said.

“Ummm that’s my shirt” He said looking for something around my room.

“Well I’m wearing it so I’ll give it to you later” I said laying down grabbing my Iphone from the table by my bed. I saw his keys by my phone so I grabbed them.

“Looking for this?” I said throwing them to him.

“Thanks, see you later” He said before closing the door. I don’t know how long I lay there smelling his shirt, when I heard a knock on my door.

“Come in” I said pulling the covers on me.

“Hey hun, what are you doing?” My mom asked me sitting on my bed.

“Nothing. Where is dad?” I asked her.

“He’s working late today” She said laying down where Adam been not long ago.

“Did Adam came over?” She asked smelling my pillow.

“Yeah he needed help with some homework so he came over early since he has a photo shoot at 12 for some sport magazine” I said not lying completely.

“Oh okay so how are things with him?” She asked.

“Mom Adam and I have nothing going on” I said looking at her.

“Right whatever makes you sleep at night babe” She said standing up. She looked at my guitar then at me.

“Mom I’m not playing again.” I said not letting her start on this subject again.

“Can you at least sing for me?” She said sitting in my desk chair.

“Mom why? Are you feeling okay?” I said looking at her again.

“No just want to hear you sing again” She said looking at me with a sad look on her face. How could I say no to her? I took a deep breath not wanting to do this closing my eyes trying to imagine him standing right in front of me.

You were sleeping next to me

Arm in arm

Dusk to dawn

With the curtains drawn

And a little last night on these sheets

So, how come when I reach out my fingers

It seems like more than distance between us


In this California king bed


We're ten thousand miles apart

I've been California wishing on these stars

For your heart for me

My California king


Just when I felt like giving up on us

You turned around and gave me one last touch

That made everything feel better

And even then my eyes got wetter

So confused wanna ask you if you love me

But I don't wanna seem so weak

Maybe I've been California dreaming.


“Beautiful” My mom said. I smiled at her pushing the tears back not wanting to cry in front of her. I lay back down in bed when my mom walked out trying to forget everything but it wasn’t that easy. 

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