Nobody Compares

When Kayla's mom and dad get divorced, She doesn't expect her mom to remarry. But when she's about to meet her soon-to-be step father and brother, reality kicks in. Kayla's life is gonna get a whole lot more interesting. Secrets are for keeping, But is the price of keeping them worth it?
Hey guys!!! It will mean the world to me if you favorite this and my other books! I may be able to be on and updating a lot but school comes first! Anywho you guys are amazayn, phenomenial, brilliam, extrodinharry, and fablouis. Lol I'm so cheesy! O well! ~♥Paytn ♡♥♡♥♡♥


2. WHAT!?!?!?!

 "YOU'RE MARRYING WHO?!?!" I scream at my mom. We were in the living room of our.... mansion (I guess you could call it) and I was angry, shocked, happy, dumbfounded, and all of the above. (It has 19 rooms,23 bathrooms, personal gym, pool, stage area, dancing studio, and a recording studio - home edition)

 "Sweetie, remember that I always love you. Remember the date I went on with Yaser last night? Well he proposed and I said yes." She looked at me and showed me the ring on her finger. I jumped up and down smiling.

 "Yes finally I'm going to have a brother!! I hope he doesn't freak out because the girls are gonna be with me when they come over tomorrow!"

 " Well you better get your beauty sleep if you're gonna be able to meet them in the morning then go to the studio."

 "Thanks mom. If you're happy, then I'm happy Love you." I gave my mom a kiss on the cheek then went to my room.

Tomorrow is gonna be a very long day.

                                                                                  Tomorrow Morning                                                   

 "KAYLA ANN JONES GET YOUR ASS UP!!" Katy screams in my ear making me fall off my bed.

 "Damn could you be any louder?" I ask her. 

     The girls walk out of my room. It is 7 o'clock and my soon-to-be brother and step dad are gonna be here at 10. Curse Jessica and her and her eagerness to be on time. She's like our mom on the tours.She's basically  the same as me but is tidier and responsible. Go figure.

    I get up and  walk to my closet. I pull out a pair of ripped skinny jeans and a red tank-top. I put on some boots that go up to my knee and go t the bathroom. I pull my black hair into a bun at the top of my head, and smooth the hair sticking up. 'Ugghh he might bring friends' I think to myself as I put on mascara and watermelon lip-gloss. 'Good enough' I think and walk into the living room.

 "Kayla! Hannah! Katy! Sam! forget the T.V. and come eat." Jess yells from the kitchen.

 As usual i'm the first one in the kitchen. After we finish eating it's only 8. I sigh and we watch spongebob. Yea I said spongebob if you got a problem with it take it up with I, don't, and care.

 "Girls I have to run to the store. I'll be back soon ok?" My mom tells us.

 "Yup." We all say.

 We go to the dance studio and we practie our cheers for the tournement tomorrow night.


 "AHHH"  me and Sam scream as we fall off of the shoulders of the girls. Groaning I  run up the flight of stairs and answer the door.

 "Hey" I say to the six people standing in our door way.

  I think its weird that 5 of them are wearing sunglasses. But then there is Yaser.

 "Hello Kayla." He tells me. Next thing I know I'm on my stomach underneath Sam and Hannah.

 "Get Off you to!! Can't you see I'm trying to have a decent convo with my soon to be dad?" I laugh and push them off.

 "Well. Sorry." Hannah says and struts off. Drama Queen much. I sigh and let the people in. KoKo forgot to turn the speaker phone off!!


 "KOKO!!!" I yell

 "WHAT BUBBLES" she screams back at me.

 "You forgot to turn the speaker phone off." I give her a look.

  She gets it and walks to turn it off when we hear.

 "Hello girls. Just want to make sure you remember coming to the studio around one. Jessica I want you to remember because I know the others won't. See you later."

 "Simon Cowell has ended the chat." the robot machine says. Curse that damn Robot. If you think Siri is annoying and does the weirdest and annoying things, take this machine and times it by like 30 trillion. I swear this machine has the WORST. TIMING. EVER. I'm gonna murder that machine.

   "How do you know Simon?" asked the guy with brown curly hair. They all were staring at the five of us.




                                                                       We are in so much trouble.


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