Nobody Compares

When Kayla's mom and dad get divorced, She doesn't expect her mom to remarry. But when she's about to meet her soon-to-be step father and brother, reality kicks in. Kayla's life is gonna get a whole lot more interesting. Secrets are for keeping, But is the price of keeping them worth it?
Hey guys!!! It will mean the world to me if you favorite this and my other books! I may be able to be on and updating a lot but school comes first! Anywho you guys are amazayn, phenomenial, brilliam, extrodinharry, and fablouis. Lol I'm so cheesy! O well! ~♥Paytn ♡♥♡♥♡♥


3. One secret down.

 "Girls I'm back!" We hear my mom yell from the doorway.

 "Mom. People who are in our living room are strangers except Yaser, obviously. Who are they?" I tell her when she comes into the living room.

 "Girls. These boys are-" She gets cut off because the boys removed their sunglasses and were looking at us.

 "Hi we're One Direction." They say in perfet sync like they've been practicing for weeks. We stared at each other for a while.

 "N TO THE O" Katy yells and walks out of the door. All the girls follow except me. I stayed.

  "Mom, you're marrying Zayn Malik's dad?" I say and wait a few seconds," Ok."

 "That's it your ok with your mum marrying my dad?" Zayn says.

 "Yup, pretty much." I reply to him. Of course as always there's yelling.

 "GIVE ME THE DAMN MIC!!" Katy yells at Sam.

 "WHY DON'T YOU GET A-" Sam starts to yell. And that's all I hear before a full on fight happens.


 "Excuse me for a minute." I smile and then walk to the stairs leading to the dance studio before I make a mad dash down them. When I get to the studio. When I get there, Jessica has Katy in one corner and Sam in another. They both looked fine. I say a silent thank you to Jesus. I hear people running down stairs.

 "Is everyone ok?" My mom starts examining everyone.

 "Were fine!" We all say.

We stood there for a minute before yelling started again. My mom sighed and went upstairs while Jess was trying to stop the bad talk coming out of the girls mouths.

I start sining the Jepordy theme song. They stop and eveything turns to normal.


 "yea. Bad first impression but hey was it funny." I tell the girls.

 "She started it!" Katy and Sam yell at the same time Jessica said," Yea"


 " Kayla. The tournament is tonight." my mom says.

 " Huh?"I reply.

 "YOUR tournament." She says giving me a look.

 "Oh." I say and a new wave of nausea flows through me.

 "What tournament?" The five boys say.

 "My kickboxing tournament."

 They look at me shocked. Well they're just gonna have to wait to see me kickbox.





This should be fun. 

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