Nobody Compares

When Kayla's mom and dad get divorced, She doesn't expect her mom to remarry. But when she's about to meet her soon-to-be step father and brother, reality kicks in. Kayla's life is gonna get a whole lot more interesting. Secrets are for keeping, But is the price of keeping them worth it?
Hey guys!!! It will mean the world to me if you favorite this and my other books! I may be able to be on and updating a lot but school comes first! Anywho you guys are amazayn, phenomenial, brilliam, extrodinharry, and fablouis. Lol I'm so cheesy! O well! ~♥Paytn ♡♥♡♥♡♥


4. Kick my Shadow

 My mum, Yaser, the girls, and the boys, take different cars and drive me to the kickboxing place in L.A. I'm wearing black shorts that go down to my mid-thigh, and a turquoise tank top. My hair is in a bun. I'm so excited! I heard this girl was tough and she calls herself  'the Rouge'  but I'm Shadow so she's got a lot to do if she's a rouge. 

 We get there and a lot of people are there. I lead my group to the front of the arena area and have mum help me wrap up my hands. A few minutes later I was in the ring. The judge person of some sort yelled fight and we were at it. She was first to stike with a hook straight for my head. I blocked it giving her a uppercut striaght to her chin. She falls back a little ,but kept jabbing at me. After a while of jabbing she went for a cross. I got tired of it so I went for a stepping side-kick. She fell to the ground and I held her down until she tapped out. I got up and helped her up.


 "AND THE WINNER IS......... SHADOW!!' I honestly felt great. I went to change into the outfit I wore earlier in the day and went to meet my group. I was congratulated and tapped on the back as I made my way to them. 

 "ALL RIGHT SHADOW!!" Katy screams and lunged at me for a hug. I hugged her back.

 "Good job sweetie." Mum says with a smile. The rest of my people hugged me saying good job and that I'm a good kickboxer which of course I replied with an I know.


 " Let's go get food!" Niall yells. 

 " For once I'm agreeing with the Irish boy!!" I say and everyone laughed.

 " You people and your stomachs" Jessica mumbles as we all get into our separate cars to go to McDonalds.

Turns out the guys are really awesome. We all learned something about them:

Louis~ He's the oldest and has a whole obsession with carrots and pigeons. Sass masta from Doncasta

Zayn~  My soon to be brother, has an attitude. Dark and Mysterious but an awesome guy. Bradford bad boi

Liam~  Mature but awesome. Scared of spoons. Cares for others. Daddy Direction

Niall~  Loves food. Plays guitar. Irish Cutie. Loves being himself with the boys. Nialler

Harry~ Cheeky. Very Cheeky. Loves cats. Curly top. BFFs with Louis. Hazza.


These boys are going to be the death of us girls, I just know it. 


We finished eating and I realized something. The wedding was in a month (a/n Yaser proposed 2 months before) And we needed bridesmaid dresses. 


 "Girls tommorow we are going to get you bridesmaids dresses." My mom replied happily. We looked at each other scared. My mom can go a bit overboard when it comes to shopping. I shrug at the girls and smile at my mom.

 "Let's do it." I say with confidence. The girls nod in agreement. My mom's eyes sparkled.



What have we done.

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