Nobody Compares

When Kayla's mom and dad get divorced, She doesn't expect her mom to remarry. But when she's about to meet her soon-to-be step father and brother, reality kicks in. Kayla's life is gonna get a whole lot more interesting. Secrets are for keeping, But is the price of keeping them worth it?
Hey guys!!! It will mean the world to me if you favorite this and my other books! I may be able to be on and updating a lot but school comes first! Anywho you guys are amazayn, phenomenial, brilliam, extrodinharry, and fablouis. Lol I'm so cheesy! O well! ~♥Paytn ♡♥♡♥♡♥


1. Kayla, Katy, Jessica, Hannah, Samantha

Heyo! My name is Kayla (aka Bubbles) and I'm a huge Directioner, Belieber, Lovatic, Brat, etc. My parents got divorced when I was 6 and I have been with my mom ever since. It has been hard because I've always been a daddy's girl.I'm 18 and I have long, straight, black hair with a hot pink highlight and brown eyes. I'm the 2cd youngest and I guess I have a skinny body. I love my family but I don't see my dad anymore and that makes me sad but my mom is my biggest fan. I like singing, well like is an exaggeration, I LOVE singing. Not to mention I play guitar, piano, violin, cello, saxophone, bass, and drums. Yea, a lot to take in but i love playing them.

My mom has been seeing this guy,Yaser, for the past 4 years. And somethings up. I know it. We just have to wait and see. But if something is up, and she's happy, that's all I would ask for. I'm a teenage drama queen so I'm........ not crazy. Well my friends and I are super crazy and we love each other, like sisters! But it would be nice to have an older brother..... never mind. Anywho gotta run.


Sup! I'm Katy (aka KoKo)  basically the same as Kayla but.... who am I kidding were the same. I'm 18. No kidding. I'm the third oldest  I have wavy, blonde hair and hazel eyes. No highlights like the others but I am crazy. I play guitar, piano, and drums. Yea I know not like Kayla but dang that girl  works hard. Bestfriends since 2cd grade! Love them. Forget it we don't act like sisters, we  ARE sisters. Anyway  Adios


Hey I'm Jessica ( Jess ) Its hard being the second oldest ( especially when you have to basically baby-sit the oldest) I'm 19 and I have long brown hair and brown eyes. I have Natural highlights. I don't play and instument but i do dance. I LOVE dancing. Us five girls always love sining and dancing it is so much fun. I'm more of a mom to them than a friend but we're always acting silly. Trust me you get used to it.  I have to go Hannah and Katy are fighting over a stuffed animal. Like I said I'm like a mom. Bai!!


Samantha reporting for duty!!!! Anyway waz up. I'm  Sam ( youngster, Sam.) I'm the youngest so I get away with the darnest things! Lol! I love my "sisters" They make me feel at home. I'm 17 and have long blonde hair (straight) I love playing the drums and dancing! Its my life and I'm so happy to be apart of it. Gahh!!! I g2g Kayla's new step people are coming ova!! I hope her soon to step brother is cute. Lol. nvm. Ok Jess is getting us up and ready. Bye babes!


WAZ UP!?!?!?!?!? You guessed it Hannah here! I'm soo excited to meet Kayla's new fam. OMG! *breathes* I'm 19 and I love being the oldest. Even though we are each older than each other by a month. I have wavy very dark hair and I love playing guitar. I only know a little though.  I love my little sisters and Jess acts like she's the mother of me. Lol! I'm really just a little kid in a teens body. GAHHHH!! I'm up!! Sam just poured freezing water on me! I have to go and get ie cubs out of- you don't need to know. Anyway  SEE YA!!

( Youngest to oldest: Samantha, Kayla, Katy, Jessica, Hannah)






Did I mention we're famous?

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