Styles vs. Austin

Ruby Malik is Zayn Maliks cousin(yes the famous boy band Zayn) she moved in with her Auntie and from there things go wild


10. Chapter 8 "You Dont Remember?"

Rubys POV 

"Who are you?" Jake asked me. "Oh my god." I whispered to my self. "Y-you don't remember me?" I asked "Uh sorry. no" I started to tear up, then a doctor came in and said I needed to leave for a moment. I nodded my head and started to head out. "Wai, so who are you?" Jake asked "I don't think its thats very important right now" I said and walked out to fint the boys waiting for me. Zayn quickly got up and ran to me. "Is he alright?" He asked "He doesn't remember me." I whispered and started crying into Zayns chest again. He hugged me and whispered into my ear "Its gunna me alright" and gave me a really tight squeeze. "Can we go home now, I bet your mum is going crazy!" I laughed trying to lighten up the mood. "Alright, lets go!" He said giving me a smile, he put his arm around my shoulder and we walked to the rest of the bioys. "Are you alright Ruby?" Liam asked. "Yeah im fine I just want to go home. Thats all."   "Well our care is pretty packed, do you mind riding with Louis?" Asked Zayn. "Yeah thats fine!" I said. "LETS GO!!" Louis screamed causing everyone to turn around. We all laughed and ran out. When we got out the doors paparazzi was everywhere. "Zayn are you guys going out?" One screamed. Whats with people thinking we are going out?  Then I realized Zayns arm was still around my shoulders. "Well I need to  go that way with Louis!" I said and walked to Louis. The paparazzi's followed us all the way to the cars. I got in the car and quickly shut the door. Louis got in the drivers seat and started the car. As we started to drive off I stared at the hospital. "Are you alright love?" Louis asked pulling over "Y-yeah im fine" I responded "Ruby I know I barley know you but I can tell when someones upset" He said "Alright well its just that, im a little hurt that Jake doesn't remember me."   "I know its saddening, but hey, its life!" He said. "Ok you are starting to sound like Zayn! haha!"  "Haha! No Im nothing like him, but I know when stuff like this happens I know I need to be serious"He looked at me and smiled. "Thanks Lou!" I said and gave him a hug. "No problem, anytime love!" And with that we drove back to the house in silence, not those awkward silences, but a nice comfortable silence. 

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