Styles vs. Austin

Ruby Malik is Zayn Maliks cousin(yes the famous boy band Zayn) she moved in with her Auntie and from there things go wild


9. Chapter 7 "At The Hospital"

Rubys POV

"Oh my gosh, how did this happen?" I screamed holding onto Jakes hand. "After he stormed off he wasn't paying thinking right and flipped over something." Zayn said "Oh god Zayn this is all my fault!" I said burring my face into his chest. "No its not!" Someone mumbled. I looked at Zayn in shocked and down at Jake. "Jake?" I whispered, his eyes shot opened. A sigh of relief came out of both mine, and Zayns mouth. 

Jakes POV 

I didnt remember anything, I couldnt se, but I could hear the nurses and other voices. I tried to understand but they were talking to fast that i couldnt comprehend. It got quiet for a second then I heard someone say "Hes in a coma." After another while of silence I heard the door swing open, I wanted to see who it was but all I saw was black. "Oh my gosh, how did this happen?" I heard a girls british accent say. Then I felt a hand grab mine. Now I really wanted to see who this was. "After he stormed off he wasnt thinking right and flipped over something." I heard a guys british accent say. Oh god Zayn this is all my fault!" I heard her say. Zayn? But was this really her fault? I cant let her think that! Finally I was able "No its not!" But it came out as a mumble. "Jake?" She whispered. Am I Jake? Is that my name? Finally after a lot of strength, my eyes shot open. I saw the girl, and Zayn, I believe his name was, sigh of relief. THe girl was still holding my hand and Zayn was on the other side of me. I liked this, I dont know why either. All of a sudden 4 other guys came in shooting from the door. I looked at them in confusion. What were they doing here, and who are they? Then a curly haired one ran up to me, "Sorry mate I didnt mean for this to happen, this is all my fault!" He said "Naw man its cool!" i said, cause I really dont know who these people were, and what happened to me. "Well I believe we need to get a nurse in here" A guy said "Nurse!!!" A guy in stripes yelled. After a while a nurse finally came in. "Okay well im going to have to have some of you leave, please." She said. Everyone exchanged looks and left, except the girl. "Okay Jake, Im going to ask you some questions and you need to answer the best you can. Okay?" The nurse asked. "Okay"    

"What is todays date?" She asked "June 12, 2012" I replied. "Well I guess that is all I need to know. I will be right back" She said then left. I looked at the other girl standing there awkwardly. "So, are you alright?" She asked "Uhm yeah, fine. But can I ask you a question?" I asked "Yeah sure!"    "Who are you?" I asked 

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