Styles vs. Austin

Ruby Malik is Zayn Maliks cousin(yes the famous boy band Zayn) she moved in with her Auntie and from there things go wild


8. Chapter 6 "The Accident and Im Sorry"

Jakes POV

"God if that dumb curly haired guy hadnt of stepped in i would have gotten what i wanted and left!" i mumbled to my self, i finally noticed how fast i was going and stomped on the breaks. All of a sudden I was being rolled into the back of an ambulance, and thats all i remember. 

Zayns POV: 

"OH MY GOD!! WHAT HAPPENED!?" i screamed at the police man, "It seems he was going to fast, crashed into something then flipped." He said "Oh my god"   "would you like to ride in the back with him?" He asked "Y-Yeah"  

Rubys POV: 

I walked up to Harrys door and knocked on it and opened it a little. "What do you want?" He asked "Uh can I talk to you please?" i said, "Oh Ruby, sorry I thought you were Louis, or someone."   "Nope its me!" I said a little cheerfully. "Yes it is!" He said while chuckling. "Haha well can i talk to you?" I asked while making my way to his bed to sit down. "Uhm yeah sure," he said while making space for me. "Ok well, what was with all that fighting about down stairs?"  "Oh umm well im going to be honest with you-"  "No please, lie to me!" I said sarcastically cutting him off. "Ha! Well anyways" He began, "Well its just that when i first saw you I thought you were just so beautiful and I just couldn't take my eyes off of you! and well when i saw Jake and you together at the movies I just, I dont know, i just felt crushed!" He said putting his head down and fiddling with his fingers. "Harry Im so sorry! But if you would have told me earlier I could have talked to him before he tried anything!" I said while rubbing his back, trying to comfort him. "I was going to but then thats when he came to pick you up for your date so I didnt get to get a chance too."   "Im sorry!" Was all I could say. I gave him a really big hug, then I lifted his chin with my index finger, "Harry, next time, promise me you'll talk to me before this happens again!" I said while looking into his eyes reassuring him. "I promise: He said leaning in, he was about to kiss me until my phone rang. I looked at the caller I.D. and it said 'ZAYNNY!!!!!!<33' (Perfect timing and not sarcastically) I quickly picked up the phone, "Hello?" i answered, "Get to the hospital and fast ask for Jake and tell them your name is Ruby!" He said quickly then hung up the phone.

"Who was that?" Harry asked "It was Zayn, he said to go to the hospital and fast!" I grabbed my keys and ran down stairs then left. I drove to the hospital as fast as  i could without getting caught or getting into a car crash. As soon as i got to the hospital i nearly jumped out of the car and ran to the lady in the desk. "WHAT ROOM IS JAKE IN?!" I yelled/asked. "And why should I tell you?" She said scoffing, "IM RUBY NOW TELL ME WHAT ROOM HES IN!!!!!!!" I screamed, everyone was looking at me but i didnt care, "Tell me!" I said, she told me that it was on the 3rd floor, room 213. I ran to the elevator and hit the 3rd floor button so hard it hurt my finger but i didnt care. As soon as the elevator opened i sprinted out and watched the numbers on the doors. "Room 210..... Room 211..... Room 212.... ROOM 213!!!!!!!!" I yelled. I swung the door opened to find Jake right there on the hospital bed, and sitting next to him was Zayn. He quickly got up and came to hug me. After the hug i looked at Jake and walked to the side of his bed. I cant believe this. 

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