Styles vs. Austin

Ruby Malik is Zayn Maliks cousin(yes the famous boy band Zayn) she moved in with her Auntie and from there things go wild


7. Chapter 5 "Why Are You Guys Fighting?"

Rubys POV: 

As soon as we got to the house, well my house, I looked at Jake and said "I had a really fun night tonight! Thank you!" "Yeah me too! And you're welcome!" He replied. I gave him a little peck on the cheek before getting out of the car.I turned around and waved as he drove off. He drove off the in the other direction that he did the last time he dropped me off. That was weird! Oh well! 

I unlocked the door, went inside and sat in between Zayn and Niall. Then I realized, Harry was gone. "Hey wheres Harry?" I asked "At the gym" Louis said a little ticked off. "Louis can I talk to you?" "Ugh fine! he said with attitude and got up. "What!?" He spat "All I want to know is whats wrong with Harry!"    " He saw you and Jake together at the movies he saw the kiss and everything! He was broken! He really likes you Ruby!" He said. After he said that I was shocked! "But I thought he had something with Cassy or something?" I asked "He did, but when he saw you he texted her saying he could see her anymore! All for you!" He semi screamed "Oh my god." Was all I could say.

I got up and walked off I didn't know what to think or say, did The Harry Styles like me? He could have any other girl and he chooses me? He had Cassy, the most beautiful girl! And he broke it off cause of me? Oh god she probably hates me now! Damn! Hell even Jake! What do they want with me?

Harrys POV:

I was at the gym blowing off some steam when I heard the door close. I looked to see who it was, there wasn't any body. I kept punching the punching bag until I heard I heard my name, I looked around again and saw nobody until i turned back around and saw Jake there.   "What do you want?" i asked "You need to leave Ruby alone, or else!" He said "Or else what?" We were there in silence until he said "You know what why don't we let Ruby choose!"  "Fine by me." I said, and by that we left and headed to her house. 

We got to the house and opened the door really loud making and entrance. The boys turned and looked at us as if we were robbers until they finally noticed us. Hey, was all they said "Wheres Ruby? " i asked "Upstairs, why?"  "Cause we need to talk to her" said Jake "Ok ill go get her" Tricia said. Seconds later there she was, she looked so beautiful, even though she was only wearing sweats and had her hair in a bun, anyways back to reality. "Ruby you're going to have to choose, me or him!" Jake said pointing at me. 

"Uhm Im sorry, whats going on here?" she asked "You're going to have to choose between one of us, it was his idea!" i said pointing at Jake. "What are you talking about? Why do I have to choose any of you? What the hell is going on here?" she asked raising her voice. By this time, everyones attention is on us.

Rubys POV: 

What the hell, why do i have to choose between any of them?  "Uh why do I have to choose between you guys!?" i said again, they didnt answer. "Do I have to choose one of you?" i asked "Yes!" Jake said "Uh i dont know!" "Its all his fault isnt it!!" Jake screamed pointing to Harry "My fault? How in bloody hell is this my fault?" He asked facing toward him "If you never came into the picture Ruby would be happy with me!" He screamed back pushing Harry. "Dont push me!" Harry screamed pushing him back, WHOAH! "you dont push ME!" Jake said throwing a punch at Harry. Harry started punching him and next thing you know they were pounding on each other. 

"YOU GUYS GET OFF OF EACH OTHER!!!!"  i screamed. i looked at the boys, they were as shocked as i was. "DO SOMETHING!!!!!" i screamed. Niall and Louis ran to them and pulled Harry off of him before he could hit Jake again. Niall was holding on to Jake and Louis was holding on to Harry. "Both of you need to calm the hell down!" Niall said. After a while of silence, Harry and Jake dogging each other Jake left slamming the door behind him, making me flinch a little then Harry walked to him room. What the hell?

Zayns POV: 

"What is going on?" Louis asked confused, "I have no idea" Niall said. "I'll go talk to Jake one of you guys go talk to Harry!" I said getting my keys from the counter. "I 'll talk to him" Ruby said "No i'll go" Louis protested. "No its fine!" She screamed and walked to Harrys room. "Now whats with all this screaming about out here?" Mum asked me, I totally forgot she was here! "Just stuff." I said and walked out. 

Liams POV: 

After Zayn left Tricia looked at us with one eyebrow up "Speak!" She said. After the boys and I exchanged looks , i took a step forward "Ms. Tricia we are really sorry for all this ruckus but Jake and Harry got in a fight over Ruby and we have no idea why, and i promise i will get the blood off of your floor before it dries." I said as sweet as possible. She just walked into the kitchen without another word and came back out with a mop and cleaned up the blood and walked off without a single word. 

Zayns POV: 

I drove for a while looking for Jake, he just left so he couldnt have gone far. Just then an ambulance raced by me, it went around the corner, there was a lot of police man there. 

I quickly pulled over as near as possible jumped out of my car to see what happened. There was a car flipped over. I saw a man on a gurney so i ran to see who it was, 

It was Jake. 




****Hey guys!!! Sorry i haven't updated, I have homework! and i dont get the computer a lot, so yeah! Ill tey and update as much as i can!!! Please comment and like!!(: ~Ruby:D****

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