Styles vs. Austin

Ruby Malik is Zayn Maliks cousin(yes the famous boy band Zayn) she moved in with her Auntie and from there things go wild


6. Chapter 4 "My First Date"

Ruby's POV:

When I looked at the time it  was already 2:45 so I decided to go down stairs and watch some telly with the boys. As I got down the stairs everyone, except Zayn, were all looking at me and staring. I decided to be funny and say "Why don't you take a picture, it last longer" And winked, they all started laughing. 

"Hey wait a minute!!! You stole my look!!!!!' Louis screamed at me, "What no I didn't I dress like this ALL the time!! Huh Zayn!" I protested "Hmm?" Zayn replied, "You know what, just don't even speak to me! The queen does not like peasants speaking to her!"Louis said. "Hahahahahaahah! The queen?!?!" I said laughing "Humph" Louis said while crossing his arms and looking away. "Whatever!" I replied and sat next tot Harry. Im not going to lie Ive been trying to ovoid him ever since what happened this morning!

Harrys POV:

 As soon as I saw Ruby walk into the room I couldn't keep my eyes off of her, and neither could the lads I did feel a little jealous but hey she looked stunning! All of a sudden I snapped back to the real world and saw Louis and her fighting. Whoah when did that happen? After Ruby sat down next to me she seemed kind of off so I decided to ask her if she wanted to hang out today. I turned to her about to ask until the door bell rang, and she shot up then screamed "I'LL GET IT!" She reminded me of Louis a lot! I was begging to question if she was really Zayn's cousin. 

I got up to see who it was, it was Jake. Elch I thought I was going to throw up! Then I realized she's going on a date with him! Damn it! 

Ruby's POV: 

As soon as I heard the door bell ring I shot up and ran for it screaming that I was going to get it. I opened the door and saw Jake standing there with flowers. "Awww!" Was all that came out, He just laughed, then I told him "Im going to get my phone, be right back!" I turned around and saw Harry standing there I was going ti walk up to him but he just walked off. Weird. I grabbed my phone and left.

On our way to the movies I texted Briana and told her that I was going on a date with Jake. We texted for about five minutes till Jake asked me a strange question, "So about that curly haired guy, do I have to be worried about him?" I put my phone down and looked at him "His name is Harry and no not really" I replied. "Ok good! Well we are here!" He said. 

When we got to the movies I opened my door a a billion flashes went off. Jake grabbed my hand and led me to see what movies they were playing. They were mostly scary movies so I cant wait to see how this day goes. By the time we got to the ticket booth guy the cameras were still flashing like crazy! We asked for 2 tickets to see 'Paranormal Activity' we went in and ran for theater. When we went in it was completely  empty, I thought that was a little strange because the movie was about to start. But then I just shook it off. 

When we got to our seats I made sure I was in the very middle,I don't know why but thats always been a habit. We sat down and Jake out his arm around me so I rested my head on his shoulder. The movie finally began and still nobody was here! After a while it didn't matter because that meant I could scream and feel comfortable with it.

About 10 minutes into the movie 5 people came in and sat in the front row. Wow are they brave! My thoughts were interrupted by someone whispering in my ear. It was Jake. "Hey you scared yet?" he asked. "No!"   "Then why are you holding my hand so tight?""Oh my god! Im so sorry!" "Its all right I kinda liked it" he said then winked, I felt myself blushing so I looked away . By the middle of the movie I was so scared I couldn't even look anymore, I had mu head dug into Jakes chest, he smelt so good!

Jakes POV: 

I looked down at Ruby she was so scared she had her head dug into my chest, it was so adorable! I put both my arms around her and hugged her. I looked down to see who it was that came in, it was Harry and his friends, great. 

By the time the movie was over Harry was looking at us so I got Ruby and picked her up then put it over my shoulder and walked down the steps. She was screaming and laughing telling me to put her down. When we got to the bottom Harry was still staring at us so I gave her a really tight hug. Then out her over my shoulder again. She started laughing and screaming again till all of a sudden she stopped.

Rubys POV: 

Jake had me over his shoulders and brought me down the stairs, he finally put me down and gave me a really tight hug. Then put me over his shoulders again. I looked up and saw Harry right there, behind him were Louis, Zayn, Liam, and Niall but they were far behind him. As soon as I saw him I stopped laughing because he looked hurt. As I stopped Jake put me down "Whats wrong babe?" He asked 'Babe' did he really just call me that? OH MY GOD!!!  "Uhm nothing my stomach just started hurting from laughing to much" I lied. "Oh okay" he replied. W e got out and the paparazzi were still there so we had to run back to the car. Im not gunna lie that was horrible I thought I was going to die! But at the same time it was funny. 

We got into the car in silence until Jake broke it by asking "Babe whats wrong?" "Nothing my stomach just hurts thats all." I lied again. I didn't like lying to him but well if he knew it was about Harry he would probably just get mad. "Oh well I hope this will make it better" He leant in and kissed my cheek, when I looked out of the window I saw Harry standing right there with his fist clenched. 

"Can we go home now please!" I asked. "Sure thing love" I blushed again, I really liked him but as soon as I saw Harry, and his eyes, he was just oh my god! Wait! I like both of them! Oh crap! 

Harrys POV: 

As soon as I saw her on his shoulder I just lost it! I felt as if someone stabbed me in the heart multiple times. Then when he kissed her cheek I didn't want to be there anymore! I really like Ruby and seeing that just killed me! And the worst part is that Jake is only doing that because I like her. 

When we got to the car Louis asked what was wrong so I had to tell him everything. "Aw man Im sorry you should have told me before!" He replied. "Naw its ok" i said "Can you drop me off at the gym I want to blow off some steam"   "Yeah sure" He replied while pulling out of the parking spot. 


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