Styles vs. Austin

Ruby Malik is Zayn Maliks cousin(yes the famous boy band Zayn) she moved in with her Auntie and from there things go wild


3. Chapter 2 "Meeting the boys"

*Ruby's POV* 

As the door bell rang i looked at my phone to see the time, it was 8:01 and i knew exactly who was here, ZAYN!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ran to the door leaving Jake on the couch. I swung open the door and there he was, my favourite cousin in the whole world!!!!

"ZAYN!!!!!" I shrieked as i gave him a big hug. "RUBY!!!!!" he yelled back giving me a hug back. When we finished hugging he had his hand around my waist like he always did when he wanted me to meet boys (over protective cousin) 

"Ruby, this is Harry, Louis, Liam, and Niall!!" He said "Hi Harry. Louis, Liam, and Niall!!" i said mimicking him. "Come on in guys" he said, "Your mums in the kitchen Zayn" as soon as i said that he raced to the kitchen! 

"Uhm you guys can come sit on the couch if you want" i said gesturing to it. As we got there they looked at Jake all weird, "oh guys this is uhm Jake T. Austin, Jake this is Harry, Liam, Louis, and Niall, my cousin Zayn is in the kitchen." "Hey" they all mumbled to each other.

After a while of watching telly, Jake said he had to go. I walked him the door and gave him a hug. After he said "I cant wait to meet up again" when he said that i saw Harry turn around all fast and looked at us from the corner of my eye, "Me either! Well bye!" I said.

*Harrys POV*

As soon as I saw that girl open the door I fell in love! But then i saw that Jake guy there sitting on the couch and i knew something was up wit them. Then when he said "I cant wait to meet up again" my heart sank. I know i barley met her and al i know is that her names Ruby but i feel something special for her!

The rest of the night i just kept thinking how her beautiful brown hair flowed perfectly down her shoulders. And her dark brown eyes, until Louis screamed right in my ear making me flinch.

*Louis' POV*

It was so quiet I couldnt stand it!!! "LETS PLAY DARE OR DARE!!!!!!" I screamed! "OK! LETS DO IT!" Ruby screamed. "Ill get the bottle!" Zayn said. We all got in a circle and started playing.

"Ok Louis, Dare or Dare?" Harry asked, "Dare!!" i screamed "Ok i dare you to call Eleanor and tell her that you have a bigger bum than her!!" "Uhm uh i uh think she's asleep" i said. "ILL CALL HER!!" Zayn said. "Hello?" Eleanor said, "SHES UP!!!" Ruby screamed. "Dammit! Gimme the phone!" i said snatching the phone "Uh hi Eleanor uhm I... I HAVE A BIGGER BUM THAN YOU! BYE!!!"

As soon i hung up i looked at Harry in hatred! but i will have my revenge!! "Ok Ruby!" i said, "Huh?" "Dare or Dare?" "Hmmmmmmm" she said while rubbing her imaginary beard. "Thats a hard choice, i guess ill have to go with............... DARE!!!" she screamed "ok i dare you to..... KISS HARRY FOR 3- SECONDS!!!!!"

Harry looked at me ask if he would kill me! Mwuahahaha my devious plan worked! i knew Harry liked her so this is payback! "Uh uhm ok" she said getting up nervous and walking toward him, it was going perfect till Zayn grabbed her and pulled her down.

Dammit Zayn it already looks like you like her! Dont ruin it for Harry though! i thought. "UH NO I DONT THINK SO! MY COUSIN WILL NOT LOOSE HER LIP VIRGINITY! ESPECIALLY NOT IN FRONT OF ME!" Zayn screamed.

"COUSIN!?" I yelled, "I thought she was your friend and you had a crush on her or something!" "EWW GROSS!" Ruby screamed "Louis didn't you hear Zayn say we are going to meet his COUSIN!!" Niall said. After laughing it off Ruby got on her phone, then i realized that she hasnt done her dare, so we need to get zayn out of here!

"Liam we need to get Zayn to leave so Ruby can do her dare!" i whispered to Liam "Ok" he said "Zayn lets get our luggage and put it in our rooms" Liam said. Yes!

*Rubys POV*

I cant believe Louis thought Zayn had a crush on he, GROSS! There was nothing elsse to do so i decided to text Jake.

"Hey Jake its Ruby!(:"

"Hey I was waiting for you to text!(: xx"

"Haha Well I did now!xx"

As i was texting him i saw Louis whispering to Liam while looking at me, oh god this cannot we good. Then I heard Liam say something to Zayn bout luggage and they left. Louis then came up to me and whispered in my ear "You still havent done the dare"  "Thats because Zayn wont let me!"  "Well hes gone now! So get to it!" "Ugh! Fine!"

I walked up to Harry and sat next to him, I looked at Louis and he started nodding his head. I looked at Harry then realized his eyes were green, then i remembered the dare. I grabbed him by the back of the head and kissed him 30 seconds just like Louis said. As i got up Harry grabbed my hand and pulled me back down and started kissing kissing me again. 

In the middle of the kiss all i heard was a think irish accent, Niall, say "get a room you two!" I looked at him and laughed, just then Zayn and Liam walked in, thank god Niall interrupted or else i would be dead!

*Harrys POV*

As soon as i saw Ruby sit next to me I got a little nervous which is weird cause that never happens, then she kissed me, it was like heaven! When she got up all i wanted was more!

Si grabbed her pulled her back down and kissed again, until Niall interrupted us, perfect timing because just then Zayn and Liam walked in. After that i couldnt stop thinking about her! Then remembered Jake, I think I won though! 

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