Styles vs. Austin

Ruby Malik is Zayn Maliks cousin(yes the famous boy band Zayn) she moved in with her Auntie and from there things go wild


2. Chapter 1 "Him"




*Ruby's POV* 

"Auntie Tricia im going to go to hang out with Briana and the girls!" I screamed as i started getting my stuff. "Ok be careful and make sure you get back before 8 cause Zayns coming home and he's bringing the boys! And I know you really want to meet them!" She yelled back. "Ok!" and I walked out.

I walked to Brianas house and from there we went to go get the rest of the girls. We decided to go to the mall. When we got to the mall we went to so many shops! We all had at least 5 bags in each arm! When we finally finished shopping we decided to go to Starbucks and hang out there until I had to leave. When we got there I wasn't really paying attention so I got hit by someone who had opened the door. 

For a second I blacked out and fell. When I opened my eyes I saw Jake T. Austin standing over me. "Are you alright?!" He asked while sticking his hand out so he can help me up. "Yeah im fine" i said while taking his offer. 

"Im so sorry I should have seen you there" he said. "No its ok its my fault I should have been paying attention" i said "Want me to buy you something?" He asked still holding my hand, "Im fine thank you though" I said blushing. 

"No let me i owe you anyways!" He protested, after a while of arguing I finally let him buy me something. "So whats your name?" he asked me, "Ruby" i replied a little shy, "Ruby, thats beautiful" he smiled. He decided to stay with us the rest of the time that we were there.

After a long while of talking i looked at the time and i only had 20 minutes to get back to Aunt Tricia. I stood up and told them that i needed to go. "Want me to give you a ride?" Jake offered, "Its fine Ill walk its not that far." "No let me! Plus you have so many bags your arms are going to get tired!" He argued. "Fine but we have to go and fast" i said while putting my bags in the back of his car. 

On our way to the house I saw Jake look at me a couple of times and I knew I was starting to blush so I looked at my phone and it had a message from Briana, it said "OH EMM GEEE! GURL JAKE TOTALLY LIKES YOU!" I smiled and started to blush. 

Once we got to the house I was getting ready to get out but then suddenly Jake grabbed my hand< as soon as he grabbed it butterflies went threw my stomach like crazy because I've had a HUGE crush on him since I was 13, anyways he grabbed it and said "Ruby I had a fun time today, uhm would you uh like to do this again?"        OH MY GOD JAKE T. FREAKING AUSTIN JUST ASKED ME OUT!!!!!! Ok Ruby play it cool!! Don't fan girl! "Yeah sure" i smiled. He gave me his number then drove off.

*Aunt Tricia's POV* 

"That girl better be getting home soon!" I thought to my self while pacing back and forth in the living room while bitting my nails until finally i heard the door open and close. "Ruby dear is that you?" I asked "No auntie its a robber with keys to the house!" she said sarcastically, "Ive been waiting for you for a long time, where have you been? Zayn could have already been here already!" "Auntie!" "What?!?" i screamed. "I still have 10 minutes before they get here!" she said looking at her phone "Ok well go get cleaned up! i said. Then she walked up to her room. 

*Ruby's POV* 

When i got to my room I was going to wear something i got from the mall, then i realized I forgot all my bags in Jakes car! So i called him hoping he would answer, no luck, So instead i decided to wear something i haven't worn in a long time. "Hopefully I get those cloths back" i mumbled to myself.

*Jakes POV* 

"Wow she's so beautiful" I thought to my self as i drove back to my place, luckly its not that far. Then i heard a vibration so i looked at my phone, Unknown number,  i decided not to answer because ive learned my lesson!

When i was getting my bag out of the back i saw alot of shopping bags there, then i realized they were Rubys, then i thought, "Another chance to see her lets do it!" 

When i got to the house i knocked hoping she would answer, and she did! "Hey uhm you forgot these in my car" i said holding them out, "Oh my god thank you so much! She said while giving me a hug, right then and there sparks went through my whole body. She then asked me to come and sit on the couch with her, we were quiet until the door bell rand. Then she shot up and ran for the door. 


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