Styles vs. Austin

Ruby Malik is Zayn Maliks cousin(yes the famous boy band Zayn) she moved in with her Auntie and from there things go wild


5. Capter 3 "Getting Ready For The Date"

*Rubys POV* 

After a while we started talking then I heard my phone vibrate, I was getting a call. The caller I.D. said "Jake!!(:xx" I got up and walked away I turned around and sara Harry looking down all sad. "Hello?" "Oh uhm hi Jake!" I said snapping back to reality. "I was thinking, umm maybe we can hang out tomorrow? Maybe go to a movie or something?" "Sure!!" I nearly screamed.

"Ok I'll pick you up at 3:00" he said "ok!!" I said. I walked back int the house to the kitchen all smiley then i saw aunt Tricia making something to eat for the 5th time today. "Well why are you so smiley?" She asked "I think I have a date tomorrow!!" I squealed but not loud enough for the boys to hear. 

"Oh my god my little niece is going on her first date!" "Hush up auntie!! I don't want anyone to know its my first date!" "Oh ok my lips are sealed!" She said while pretending to lock her lips. 

Well what are you going to wear??" She asked "I think I'm going to wear my striped shirt, red pants, and TOMS!" "Awww thats going to look so adorable!!!" 'haha thank you! Well I'm going back to the boys, you need any help carrying those?" I asked "No I'm fin- whoa!" she screamed almost dropping the dish. "I'll help you!" i laughed. 

As I brought the food out to the boys I saw Niall jump from the couch and run at me as if it  were to save his life! After a while it got pretty late and I couldn't wait for tomorrow! 

When I woke up I looked at the time, 1:57!!! Oh crap! I need to take a shower and do my hair! I jumped outa bed and ran to the loo, when went in there I saw Harry in there using the bathroom. "OH MY GOD IM SO SORRY!!" I screamed while closing the door. "Its all right uhm Im uh sorry its my fault I should have looked the door" "No its my fault I should have knocked!" "No its fine" "You know what Im sorry but I don't have time to argue I need to take a shower!" He looked at me with big eyes as I shut the door, realizing I just screamed at him I opened the door and apologized for it and closed the door quickly. As usual i started singing in the shower not knowing how loud I am. 

*Harrys POV* 

"Oh my god that was one of the most awkwardest thing in the world" I thought. Realizing  I was still staring at the bathroom door, I started to walk away until I heard the most beautiful voice in the world. "Hey mate wha-" "SHHH!!!" I cut Liam off. After a while he just walked off, a little bit later i left too. I couldnt get her voice out of my head! 

*Rubys POV* 

I quickly got out of the shower changed and blow dried my hair, by them it was 2:30 and I had no idea how i was going to do my hair! While I was thinking I heard a knock at my door, "Come in!"  I yelled "hey Harry!" i said "Hey this wont take long, i just need to tell you something," "Ok shoot!" "Well I just wanted to say that you have a beautiful voice!" I froze right there on the spot, I didnt know I sang that loud! " oh my god you heard me?" i asked blushing "Yeah and youre great! Well I see your busy, Ill get going! Bye!" He said giving his cheeky smile. 

"Oh my god" i whispered to my self the Harry Styles said I could sing! OH CRAP MY HAIR!!!! "Auntie Tricia I need your help, FAST!!" I screamed off the top of my lungs. A few seconds later there was Aunt Tricia. "I need help doing my hair!!" "Here lets just take you straightener and do.... This!"     I looked at my self in the mirror and fell in love with my hair! It was half straight, half curled, I loved it! "Thanks auntie!! I love you!" I gave her a big hug. "Love you too my little munchkin!" She said returning the hug. 

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