Just a little romance on the side that went went wrong.


1. Moonlight

We stole each other's heart

As we were to depart

But we were not going

To get caught


We were on a moonlit stroll

In that moment's time

We had a connection

As he said "I love you" to


He kissed my lips

Showed me affection

As the moonlight glowed

In that moment I fell for you


My eyes was opened wide

As I softly said "oh baby"

As he grinned and kissed me again

We had no time


We was placed perfectly

On a moonlight night

With a lovely voice

That whispers low


I would rather be with you

To lean agaist you

Have your warm embrace

As you keep me warm at night


As he whispered my name

It sparked a flame

Of a burning love so true

My eyes were radiant


It was such a beautiful sight

To watch the stars on

That moonlight  night

The lake sparkled as


The moonlight grazed across it

With the velvet sky

The stars so bright

On that moonlight night

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