Strumming on my heart strings

We say that boys play with our hearts but if that boy's special then he might just play a song with it instead.
This is my entry for the poetry competition so please like/fav and comment with any feedback! :) xxx


1. Strumming on my heart strings

He was strumming on my heart strings
Like only he knew how,
The words he spoke, a melody
To fit right with the sound.

Each word he spoke,
Each glance he snuck;
An extra note that made
His chord turn from
A group of notes
To his serenade.

The way he flicked his mass of curls
Became the baseline beat,
How we swapped our favourite songs
Could get crowds on their feet.

The dreams of his he told me
Of how someday he'd sing,
And play guitar to crowds and crowds
Of fans stood there for him.
And how I told him everything
I'd never said out loud,
Like how I'd write a best seller
And how he never laughed.

Those were the things that made his song
The perfect tune for me,
That formed the line of melody
To which the fans would sing.

He was strumming on my heart strings
Like only he knew how,
And as he did I visualised
The stage where he would bow.
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