Nobody Compares

This is my story I wrote for my best friend Lily Claire Hayes. People on quotev really love it so I thought I would put it on here for you awesome little potato's.


2. You're so pretty when you cry when you cry. Wasn't ready to hear you, say goodbye. Now you're tearing me apart, tearing me apart. You're tearing me apart.


16 year old Liam's P.O.V

I pull the car up, right in front of Disney land, I hope she loves it, I've decided to take her on a romantic date to Disney land, its just the only thing is that she's been blindfolded and has no idea where she is. That always makes Lily angry, the fact that she has no idea where she is, I run round and open her door, grabbing her hand. 

"My Lady!" I grab her bridal style and run into the park, I show them our tickets and rush off to the costume shop, I have everything planned, I tell the lady at the desk my name and she passes me to costumes, I place Lily on the ground and lead her to the change rooms, I lead her into a cubicle and take off her blind fold. 

"Here love, put this on!" She looks really angry, and her anger only deepens when she see's the Jessie costume in my hands. 

"Liam, where are we and why do I have to wear a costume?" She screech's at me. "Please Lily, would you just put it on, Its all a part of the surprise!" 

"NO!" She starts to cry, dam she looks beautiful when she drys. I feel really bad but she's over reacting.  "Lily stop crying, were going to have heaps of fun, theres no need to overreact."

"I'm not overreacting!" I step back and watch the tears falling down her face. I feel terrible now, I need to compliment her. 

"You look so pretty when you cry!" I whisper softly in her ear. 

"What the hell! Bye Liam, I'll see you some other time!" I watch as Lily storms out of the little shop and of into the park. She's tearing me apart at the moment, everything I do just makes her angry, I want her to love me, not for our relationship to just keep going on and on in these circles. An ideas forms in my head and I pull out the sheet of paper.   

Nobody Compares <3     

You're so pretty when you cry when you cry.  Wasn't ready to hear you, say goodbye.  Now you're tearing me apart, tearing me apart.  You're tearing me apart.

I give the costumes back to the lady at the counter and pay her for keeping them ready for me. Then I walk outside and head towards the exit, so much for a romantic day with Lily in disney land. I head towards the exit and just as I'm about to leave I spot her sitting on a bench next to the exit. I can hear her sobs and I rush to her side.

"Lily, whats wrong? Why are you still here?"

"I forgot to steal your car keys!" I laugh and wipe away her tears.

"Come on babe, lets go get some ice cream, then I'll drive you home.  

19 year old Niall's P.O.V

I sit on my bed strumming my guitar, singing and playing the new song that Li has given us. Theres something wrong with Liam, I can just sense it, he's my best friend and I can't bear to see him like this. It just makes me cry, like yesterday. I love his song, its so unique and just awesome, I love singing it, its going to be loved by all our directioners. I think it brings back bad memories for Liam though. Seriously why would you keep something so good locked away, unless you couldn't bear to see it. I'm guessing its about a girl, hahaha of course its a girl, that was stupid, I mean I just don't know the girl. I wish I did, she sounds like she's absolutely perfect. I'm sure Liam treated her like a princess, so why aren't they together? I've seen her picture, I think, theres a picture of a girl that sits under his pillow, I found it once and started to pull it out and Liam got angry. He told me never to touch it again, he has another of the same girl in his wallet, they were posing in a Photo Booth and she kissed his cheek. Liam must feel so lucky, when our group was first formed and we started to become really famous everything came out to the medias attention, I don't know where they find it all. Things like previous girlfriends, or even if where Virgins. I just wish that I could be  like Liam, I could keep these people name less. Nameless. I love the first part of the song, I get to sing it, and even though I hate it when girls cry, I can just imagine this beautiful girl crying and looking even more attractive then before. I just wish my princes would hurry up and arrive so I can hold her close when she cries and tell her how pretty she is.  

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