Nobody Compares

This is my story I wrote for my best friend Lily Claire Hayes. People on quotev really love it so I thought I would put it on here for you awesome little potato's.


1. Nobody Compares


16 year old Liam's P.O.V  

Nobody Compares <3  

I write the title on my blank piece of paper and sign it with a heart, our symbol of love that I will always cherish. What should I write about? I want this song to be unique just like her, to call upon the memories that we have locked away from this past year and many more to come. I want her to smile when she hears this, I want her to stay with me forever.   

19 year old Liam's P.O.V

Being on tour is hard, its a constant drain on your energy both emotionally and physically, just the drain of your energy from staying in one city each day and doing 2 concerts, two signings, a photo shoot and heaps of interviews, then having to travel on a bus to the next town for the next day of activities. Not that I'm complaining, I love the life that I live and the lads are amazing to live with, they really are the brothers that I have never had. Emotionally I just struggle with being away from my family, being away for such long periods at a time and then coming back for a few days then leaving again and spending all my time at a studio. Louis and Zayn find it easier having their girlfriends who can come on tour, to have them waiting at home for them, knowing they love them. I just wish that I still had that, I just can't believe that its gone, that she's gone. NO! Crap, I can't keep going on like this, thinking about her, having these feelings, I just wish they could go away, no actually I don't, I just wish that I couldn't love her anymore, that I could move on. I hear the door bell ring, I wonder who that is, probably some fans wanting to get their posters signed, I walk downstairs and open the door slowly, the lads rush inside slamming the door and knocking me off my feet, Niall runs off to the kitchen and the others head towards the television. I walk into the lounge room and sit next to the lads, they turn and stare at me. Lou slowly starts to munch on a carrot.

"What are you guys doing here? I thought we were going to meet up next week when we start our next recording?" 

"You weren't answering your phone when we text your or call you so we came to check on you, just to see how your going." Niall walks in through the doorway munching on some crisps and tells me, food flying everywhere and crumbs landing all over my carpet.  

"Sorry, I didn't hear it, you don't have to be so worried about me guys. Since your here we may as well hang out. Do you want to play truth or dare Lou?"

"Yes!! I will also go and find some hidden carrots. To the hidden carrots!!" Louis runs up the stairs to my room with everyone else following behind him. I watch them go and follow behind them, why did they have to come today? I just wanted to be alone. I open the door and spot Louis looking around under my desk, his eyes go wide and he pulls a box out from underneath. My treasure box, anger seeps through my veins as I watch Louis rip it open and pull out a page, why did he have to pull out the page. "Whats this?" 

"Get out! All of you! Get out of my house right now, I'll see you all at recording!" They all leave dragging Niall away, he's start to cry, but I don't feel bad. I shut the door behind them, and slowly walk to the middle of the room. That box, my treasure box, the one that was meant to contain what has been tearing me apart for years. I pick up the paper and read the title of the song that I had written so long ago. 

Nobody Compares <3

The tears start to fall freely down my face and I sob, I don't know what to do, I just want to get rid of all these feelings, I want to get over her, every part of my being says to leave her behind, but as hard as I try I can't. I'll give it to the boys, they can use it, if that means I have to sing it for our new album, I will. I can't keep it locked away. I slowly walk down the stairs and find the lads sitting on my couch, Niall is in tears, the others refuse to look at me, I feel crap on the inside. 

"Look, lads I'm sorry, I'm just tired and I haven't been sleeping properly. Lou that was just one of my old songs you picked up, I'm just protective of it, its so important to me, it brings back memories. I want you all to have the song, I can't keep it anymore, if you want I can teach you and we can use it for the next album. Its called Nobody Compares." I pass it round to the boys and jump behind my keyboard and start to play the chords that I have had memorised, locked away in the back of my mind. We spend the rest of the day, learning Nobody Compares.   

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