One Move Makes All the Difference

My name is Carter, I’m 18 and I guess you could call me the popular girl. I am an only child and spoiled at that, don’t label me just yet, I am an actual person. There is only one reason why I’m spoiled and that is because my parents fight A LOT my parents believe praising the child for being good or in my case staying out of the way will help me forget all the yelling. I love school, I am single, I love to party (responsibly) and I am a straight A student. But when my parents get into a fight and it takes a turn in the wrong way I end up having to move, to forget and move on. I met a stranger when I was out; he’s really sweet and charming. I happened to figure out the hard way that with all good comes a bit of bad, or in my case terrifying. I was kidnapped and I don’t know how to escape, or even who my kidnapper is. Making friends and getting close to some strangers just may help.

>>>This is my first Movella, please no hate. Tell me what you think, hope you like it! :D<<<


2. The Move


Chapter Two: The Move   Carter's POV ***Present Day***   Today is the day of the funeral. I wanted it to be over with. I didn't want my parents to be stuck 'here' I wanted them to be free. Yes that may sound funny, but I felt like because they were all I had left that I need to somehow let go and start new. Now that I think about it I don't know what to do, I don't know where to go.    There are tons of people here, all here to say their good-byes. I can't handle being out here with all these people who didn't really care they were just on the list of people to invite on my parents 'plans' on whether anything were to ever happen. I ran from the grave site into the cold visitation building, into the previous room everybody was just in. It was empty which I was most certainly happy to see. I sat down on the cold chair next to the table in which was used to promp up my parents coffins.    My legs crossed at the ankles, I admire my black stilettos realizing they were identical to my nude ones I was wearing the day of the crash. The dress I was in was just a plain black one, that was draped in a floral print lace. The straps were about thick and black while the neck line was just a plain square.   Time to get up! Time to get yourself together and move on... Wait move! That's perfect, i'll move put everything behind me and start blank. Because i'm eighteen I can live by myself and make my own decisions. With the will being processed tomorrow, I can pick everything tonight, get a Realtor to sell the house, and pack up and leave. Wait, no don't pack, start new, start fresh, like a blank canvas, star from scratch. Okay it's settled.   I stood up brushed off my dress  took a deep breath and began my way back out to the grave site. Everybody had left by now. I was definitely happy because I had way too many "Sorry for your loss" or "If you need anything, give us a call." I passed a garden on my way and plucked one pink roses off a near by plant. Okay, time for my goodbye. I approached the gravestone and began my last words.   "Hey mom, dad." I scrunched down until I was on my knees my dress forming a big bubble of material. I sat on my ankles and continued, tears already forming. "Who's idea was it to let you two share a grave stone" I chuckled and sniffled "I bet you're already bickering over whose side is whose or arguing over how the funeral was overall" I tried to smile but even I knew that anybody could tell that it was a forced smile. "Well, I guess this is goodbye, I already have it all planned, I'm going to move far away, start a new life. I want you guys to be free, you know and I don't want to drag you along for my selfish petty reasons" I wiped the tears from my face and sniffled again. "I love you both, and i'll miss you both like hell. Oops can I say hell in a place like this?" I laughed a bit, I knew nobody could hear me and my parents wouldn't have cared but it still felt weird say is in a place like this.   I slowly stood back on my feet, took a step closer to the grave stone and placed the single flower on the top of the stone. I kissed my hand and patted the stone, since that's as close as I could get to them. I tuned and took a deep breath. Okay Carter, you can do this, just walk, right, left, right, left, right, left. I thought to myself, I finally reached my car, started it and rushed home.   ***At Home*** I was still in my dress and heels. I had rushed in and quickly ran to my room and started up my mac laptop. It literally took me about half an hour to pick a house, let alone a Country and city. I ended up going for  Beverly Hills, California I even picked out a new car (remember lots of money left to me). I purchase my plane ticket, I booked it for tonight at 5, which was two hours from now. I picked up my phone and dialed in the Realtor agencies number.    "Hello, my name is Carter Evans. I am looking for a Realtor who will be able to come into my home and assist in selling my home." I quickly spoke in an impatient voice   "Okay Ms. Evans, I will page you through to a Realtor now" The ladies voice came across as understanding  almost a nurturing voice.    "Give me your best one, I don't mind waiting a few months or whatever, money is now object" I plainly stated still impatient but more calm. I was now pacing in my room, walking side to side.     "Okay Ms. Evans, you are in luck he is in the office today, though I don't know if he has any clients now, I will page you through to him and I'm sure you can work details out" The lady assured me. I could almost feels her slight smile though the phone.   "Thank-you" I replied. My feet were starting to hurt so I took my heels off. The to add to my wonderful day, instead of being directly transmitted to the Realtor, I was transmitted then put on hold. I decide that I should get out of this dress. Okay what to wear what to where, I murmur under my breath, still with the phone against my ear in case the Realtor decides to pick up. Okay so because i'm going on a plane for 5 hours I believe i'll go for the sweat pants plain white v-neck t-shirt. I put a bright yellow, almost highlighter yellow bandeau over top of my bra to add color to my outfit. Though you are probably asking, why would it add color if its under your shirt, well my clever clever friend, the white shirt is fairly thin so it's either I showcase my bra or a bandeau, and the bandeau just happened to look better.    I put some plain white ankle socks on, now to attempt to rise my spirits  I glide out of the closet on the wood floor. Crap! I need shoes. I put the phone on the counter next to the shoe wall, and put it on speaker just in case. I dance to the elevator music playing through the phone, and find my tan uggs. I slip into them, wow I've forgotten how comfy these are compared to heels.   "Hello" I male voice shot through the phone, I quickly picked it up, obviously taking it off speaker.   "Hello, my name is Carter and I'm going I can have you help me sell my house?" I asked polity through the phone. I grabbed a plain black tote bag and walked into my office.   "Well I think I may be able to help you, haha" The male voice replied   "Good" I simply said   "Okay then well, my name is Mr. Dunham, and to start the process we will have to  meet to discuss moving details, money and other important details" I sternly told   I grabbed my iPhone off my desk placed it in the pant pocket, I snatched my mac charger, and phone charger then exited the room. "See that's the problem, I am leaving in about an hour, getting on a plane and leaving. Once I am gone I ain't coming back. I have a house purchased and am ready to leave, I need you to be able to sell this house without me. Can you do that?" I questioned, now at my bed closing my laptop and inserting in into my tote bag. There done packing!   "Carter, may I ask of your age?" The voice asked curiously.    "Mr. Dunham, I am at the age of eighteen, my parents passed away about two days ago. Apparently everything was left to me, which makes  this house mine. I don't want it to go down to the next person, mainly because there is nobody else. I am needing somebody like yourself to sell my house without me" I sated, now I was walking down the stairs. Waiting for a reply, I assume he was analyzing everything I just said. I know I said I needed to let go, to move on and to forget, I do need something to remind me of my past, to show my kids someday in the future. I went into the living room and grabbed the family photo/scrapbook/momento book, sitting on the book shelf I placed it into my bag and turned towards the door.    "Well Carter, I can help you, all I need is proof you are who you say you are, and your address" Mr. Dunham told me. Yes I can actually leave and forget, I thought.   "Great! I can send a picture of my ID to you with a picture of me with the date to prove its me, along with a picture of the house" I answered back "Oh and money is no object" (I don't usually throw money out like this but I just wanted out of here as quick as possible). "Plus all the items in the house come with it or you can remove them whatever you want, clothes, sheets, frames everything is in your hands. Don't bother asking me if you can do anything to the house like add more structure or totally remodel the inside because I don't care, go ahead" I told him. I unlocked my car and drove down the long drive way. Don't think I forgot, I got out of my car, left it running. I opened up my camera and took a picture of the house and then climb back into my car.    "Great send it to: ********@****.**" He answered with no questions.    "If you're wondering anything about my parents and all, you'll hear about it on tonight's news. I have no family, and I just need to start fresh and I want to do that as quick as possible" I told him   "It's none of my business, all I need to know is about houses nothing more nothing less" Mr. Dunham voice responded.   With that I hung up sent the picture of the house, my ID and a picture of me with the date (I stood in front of the house holding today's issue of the newspaper :D)    I reached the airport, climbed out of my car, entered the airport and found a seat on a bench. I waited for the announcer to announce my flight and soon enough she did so. I got up and dragged my feet on the ground walking over to the plane. Man am I tired. The teller asked for my name, I told her, she printed my ticket and I went over to the gate. Another lady took my ticket, scanned it then allowed me aboard the plane. I was so tired I just slumped into my seat and ignored the air line service people walking past me. Something had brushed past my knees, I'm guessing it was just a passenger that was sitting next to me so I ignored it and went back to sleep.   Sadly I stirred awake. I stretched in my seat kicking off my uggs and pulling both my feet up in a meditation position. Wait where's my phone?!?! Oh yea, I forgot I put it in the storage above my head. I didn't want to get up so I just sat there. It was dark out side the window, everyone was already asleep on the plane, so once again I was alone. Wow, its beautiful, I thought looking out the window. I am in the isle seat so I was looking over the other seat out the window when suddenly the other seat moved. Slowly a body emerged out from under an airline blanket.   "Holy shit!" I whisper yelled at the person beside me   "What?" The other voice came across masculine, low, British voice spoke   "I didn't see you there, wait why are you there?!?!" I continue to whisper/yell at the British man   "This is my seat" He plainly stated   I looked around and then it all clicked. I felt like I just had like a 10 minute amnesia. "Oh my god, I remember! I am so sorry I just like totally forgot like everything." I chuckled   "Well hello there, my name is Harry, Harry Styles" He came out of the shadow to reveal Curly locks and the brightest of green eyes I have ever come across   "Hi, I'm Carter, Carter Evans" I reply smiling   For two hours I sit and awkwardly look ahead. The fact that made it so awkward though was that I could see Harry constantly keeping his eyes on me. His face was weird  I mean his eyes were a darker than evergreen, and his face looked like an animal on the hunt.    About another hour and a half of creepy awkward silence later, me and Harry I getting off the plane. He helps me get my bag and then I head off in a separate direction. I make it out to the parking lot, when I remember I forgot to get the dealership to send the car to the airport. So now it's time for awkward careless girl that doesn't know how to hail a cab! Isn't my life just great!    "Hello again love" A British voice emerges   I turn to see Harry once again eyeballing me up and down, clearly not caring if I notice or not. "Remember my name is Carter" I say in a bit of an annoyed voice, wait scratch that a really annoyed tone   "Let me guess, no car, and you're having troubles with the whole cab thing" He replied in a mocking voice   "What do you think?" I show anger, lifting my eyebrows and giving him my best attitude fulfilled face   "I think you need a ride, and I have just that" This time though instead of his signature smirk he actually smiled, a friendly, genuine looking smile. So what am I suppose to say to that, a free ride, and a smiling face with dimples. I push back the creepy eyeballing moments previous and accepted his offer.   "So... Why are you in Beverly Hills?" I ask Harry, trying to make small talk while we walk to his ride. He didn't say anything for a little, I figure he didn't hear me. We approached a shiny coal grey Toyota Sienna. Just as I'm going to ask the question again, I'm interrupted by Mr. Styles.   "Looking for some fun" Harry smirked, out of no where he approaches me, whipping out his hand with some white material on it. He covers my mouth  I try to get away but he wraps his one arm around my firmly keeping both of my arms tightly against my body. I try screaming but every time I open my mouth to do so my eye lids get heavier and heavier, I feel my body loosen and slowly let go. I don't fall though, or at least I don't feel like I've fallen, I think, I'm pretty sure but not positive but I think Harry's carrying me. I may be weak at the moment and not be able to see or move but, I could hear. I try to tune into my surroundings: I hear a sliding door, like a van or something, then the door closes. The van a presume in ignition, I can feel the motors vibrations, through the carpeted floor I am laying on. Traffic overcomes all sounds, wait whats that noise.   "White lips, pale face, breathing in snowfla-" A song begins to play, I don't think it's a radio, it sounded like a... Like a phone.   "Yep, yea I got us a toy" I think Harry's voice talks to definitely a phone   Wait is he implying I'm a toy, I ain't no toy. You do not toy with me! Do you know who my fath-.    I begin to squirm a little, trying to move but, nothing, I'm helpless. Whats new?!?! Wait, let's contemplate about this. I have no father, no mother, to aunts or uncles, no grandparents, no cousins, not even a freaking pet! I mean look at me I have nothing, for god's sake I don't have a freaking life! All I got going for me is a house and a car, please my house doesn't have any furniture in it other than the usual. Why should I fight, let whoever this guy is take me and you know what, let him kill me! Cause i'd rather be out of this world than in the hell hole i'm in now!
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