One Move Makes All the Difference

My name is Carter, I’m 18 and I guess you could call me the popular girl. I am an only child and spoiled at that, don’t label me just yet, I am an actual person. There is only one reason why I’m spoiled and that is because my parents fight A LOT my parents believe praising the child for being good or in my case staying out of the way will help me forget all the yelling. I love school, I am single, I love to party (responsibly) and I am a straight A student. But when my parents get into a fight and it takes a turn in the wrong way I end up having to move, to forget and move on. I met a stranger when I was out; he’s really sweet and charming. I happened to figure out the hard way that with all good comes a bit of bad, or in my case terrifying. I was kidnapped and I don’t know how to escape, or even who my kidnapper is. Making friends and getting close to some strangers just may help.

>>>This is my first Movella, please no hate. Tell me what you think, hope you like it! :D<<<


4. Straight Vodka


The vehicle took a sharp turn, and so helpless ol me is the luck one, with the pleasure of spinning from one side of the vehicle to the other. Luckily there was a cold rock solid object there to break my landing, causing my already limited vision to completely vanish. Oh do I know h the live the life! Hopefully you picked up on the sarcasm cause to be honest I don’t think I could make it any more blunt. -- I’m starting to regain my senses. I’m able to feel and hear so far but for some stupid fucking reason I still can’t see. Oh you know how just like less than 5 seconds ago I told you that I could feel well, one thing I’m certain I feel are some extremely tightly tied hemp ropes around both my hands and feet! How lucky am I?!?    I think I’m sitting on a wooden chair; my hands are pulled behind my back and tied with the extremely comfy rope, again hint the sarcasm. My legs are separated, one tied to one of the chairs legs and the other replicated. My feet are cold, feeling a slight breeze upon them, I realize I have no shoes on. Can my day get any fucking better! My thoughts are suddenly jerked away, focused on sounds, to be more precise, voices.   *door creaks open* “No she’s still sleeping” A familiar voice speaks. Harry.   Wait a minute I haven’t checked if my voice works, but should I. What if I say something and he hurts me?!? Normally I would say ‘Screw it’ but, I don’t know how dangerous this situation is.   I hear footsteps come, the thud of the sole on the floor sounds hard, loud almost like a cement ground. If I’m right, I’m either on a main floor or in a basement. The steps get closer, and then they move, I think he’s circling me. “Yea mate” *other line speaks* “Yea come on over whenever, I think I might give her a nice welcoming” I can almost feel the smirk emerge on his lips.    What did he mean by  ‘welcoming’?  Wait a minute what’s he doing? I feel a fabric cover my face, no, my eyes. REALLY! Man I ever have a huge respect for blind people now, how do you live with without your eyes. This is bugging the shit about me!   “Ehr (*AN- pronounced ‘Air’) Bear, wakey wakey” I felt his hand make their way to my face lifting my head forward. Just now I realized how dry my mouth was, it hurt I felt like my throat was quite literally sand paper.   “W-w-water” Was all I could stutter   “Haha” He chuckled. Then there was some rummaging around the room. “Tip your head back, and open your mouth”    I did as told, scared if I didn’t he would… Well I don’t really know, I just felt if I didn’t get something to hydrate me I would die! Something came close to me, I could feel it. Then a, I think either a cup or a bottle sat on my lip. I felt the liquid slowly, almost teasingly pour into my mouth. I lurched my arms forward to grab the bottle/cup/ whatever the hell was holding the liquid. Soon to come back to my senses and remember my hands are tied, disabling me to move in any way.   Ow, ow, why does this sting, the liquid is burning my throat… He didn’t!   “Uh, uh, uh you aren’t goin’ anywhere love”    “Did you give me fucking straight vodka?” I screeched, surprised with any noise at all coming out of my mouth   “Ooh, a lady who knows her alcohol".
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