One Move Makes All the Difference

My name is Carter, I’m 18 and I guess you could call me the popular girl. I am an only child and spoiled at that, don’t label me just yet, I am an actual person. There is only one reason why I’m spoiled and that is because my parents fight A LOT my parents believe praising the child for being good or in my case staying out of the way will help me forget all the yelling. I love school, I am single, I love to party (responsibly) and I am a straight A student. But when my parents get into a fight and it takes a turn in the wrong way I end up having to move, to forget and move on. I met a stranger when I was out; he’s really sweet and charming. I happened to figure out the hard way that with all good comes a bit of bad, or in my case terrifying. I was kidnapped and I don’t know how to escape, or even who my kidnapper is. Making friends and getting close to some strangers just may help.

>>>This is my first Movella, please no hate. Tell me what you think, hope you like it! :D<<<


3. Authors Note

>>> Sorry if you though this was a chapter but, I was hoping I could get some feedback on whether I should continue with this story, if its worth continuing. I would like to see if anybody wants to let me know how you like the story<<< Once again sorry if you thought this was a chapter. :D

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