One Move Makes All the Difference

My name is Carter, I’m 18 and I guess you could call me the popular girl. I am an only child and spoiled at that, don’t label me just yet, I am an actual person. There is only one reason why I’m spoiled and that is because my parents fight A LOT my parents believe praising the child for being good or in my case staying out of the way will help me forget all the yelling. I love school, I am single, I love to party (responsibly) and I am a straight A student. But when my parents get into a fight and it takes a turn in the wrong way I end up having to move, to forget and move on. I met a stranger when I was out; he’s really sweet and charming. I happened to figure out the hard way that with all good comes a bit of bad, or in my case terrifying. I was kidnapped and I don’t know how to escape, or even who my kidnapper is. Making friends and getting close to some strangers just may help.

>>>This is my first Movella, please no hate. Tell me what you think, hope you like it! :D<<<


1. The Past

Carter’s POV  


I’m alone. I have nobody. I have nothing. What am I supposed to do with myself? I have no family and then when I have something to look up to I’m pushed back into the dark. Have I done something wrong? I just wanted to move on and forget! And I get this!   


***Two Days Before ***  


“Why? She likes it, doesn't she?” My dad shouted directing the question at me but staring directly into my mother’s eyes  


“Because I told you to get the pink draped chiffon dress no the nude draped chiffon dress! It has to match the color sequence for the party! Ugh” My mother countered  


“I do like the dress mother; it matches my hair color better anyway. Plus I don’t think dads boss will mind if it is just me that is not coordinated, if would make you happier I can always where my soft pink shawl scarf, the one that covers my shoulders.” I replied in a calming voice to try and bring the tone down to a more reasonable level.   


Can you believe it my parents were fighting over the color of my dress? It isn't a big deal either; mother picked the dress out, for some dinner party for my father’s work, my father was supposed to pick it up but I guess he got the wrong one. I swear they could make a war abrupt over anything.  


“See Carter likes it, and she can match it with that pink scarf thingy she just said” My father began to bicker back but in a lower voice  


“No it just won’t work, let’s just go back to the store get a new one. I am coming to make sure you don’t screw anything up, again.” My mother reasoned and snatched her purse from the kitchen counter and stormed out the door, assumingly to head to the sports car.  


“Well, I guess that’s my que ” My father turned and smiled to me “See you in a bit sweetie” He kissed my forehead and walked towards to door to join my mother.  


“Dad!” I called out “Do you want me to just put this dress on?” I pointed towards the dress hanging on a hanger dangling from the crown molding on the kitchen cupboards . “I like this one much better anyways, and plus by the time you guys get back I would have no time to change”  


“Yea, go right ahead. By the way,” He began with his head only peeking in through the front French doors “I knew you would like that one better” He smiled and left .  


I always got along better with my father, though sometimes he could be a pain in the arse. My mother on the other hand I can’t be in the same room for more than 20 minutes. To her I am always doing something wrong.  


I grabbed the dress from the hanger and ran up the grand marble stairs, well more like speed walked since I was wearing heels. I loved walking up and down these stairs, as a kid I remember dressing up in my favorite princess costume and putting on my little plastic heels and slowly and gracefully walked down, waving my hand like a queen. Now I just love the sound of my heels click, click clicking on the marble tile.


My room is huge it’s more like a suite, I have my own master bathroom complete with Jacuzzi, sauna, 20 powered jets in the shower and a pearl stone sink. My closet is my least favorite part of my room, though it is huge and full of gorgeous clothes that I love but I feel like an outcast in my own closet, I mean I’d much rather chill in a pair of joggers and a comfy jumper than a pair of skin tight jeans and a shirt.


Next is the obvious my actual bed- room, my king sized bed is topped with a black and white floral patterned duvet and a few thousand accent pillows. Okay maybe not a thousand but there is definitely too many considering they cover half my bed. (**AN- you can skip this part of the paragraph if you want, it is just a ‘floor plan’ of the room***) When you walk into my room you see a bed against the wall to your right, head board to the wall. Turn your head 340 degrees to the left you’ll enter my bathroom if you return to your original position and walk quite a bit you enter my office, this room is home to my Mac laptop, desk, files from school and other electronic stuff like cords for my iPhone  laptop, t.v, and more. If you do a complete circle turn then look to the right you’ll see my make-up station where well make-up is found. Right beside my make- up stand there are two side by side large oak doors, that lead into my walk-in-closet. Walk towards the bedroom door again and twist your body to the right or opposite to my bed you’ll see a seating area with a big book case, this is what I call my sanctuary. I have a big lime green circular shaped couch propped up in the corner, to the side of it there sits my book case. A window is placed right above the couch and what my parents don’t know is that my window actually doesn't have a screen, I popped it out myself, so that I can actually go the roof to relax and in the summer tan.  


I laid the dress on my bed, removed my black stiletto heels and ran to the bathroom. I turned the shower on and peeled off my black skin tight jeans and Hue it Girl shirt dress and jet black belt that sat on my bodice. I leaped into the hot shower and washed up. I stepped out slowly and carefully ensuring I didn't slip like many times before, I quickly wrap a towel around myself, dry myself off, I throw my bathrobe on and throw my hair up in a towel. From here I walk through my room into my closet, I make a left turn and pass the clutches, tote bags, purses...etc. At the end of the small 'hall' There is an opening that is my shoe area, I am on the hunt for my 3 inch shiny nude heels. Once spotted and snatched up in my already painted rose pink nails I walk back to my bed.


"She’s not afraid of all the attention / She’s not afraid of running wild / How come she’s so afraid of falling in love / She’s not afraid of scary movies / She likes the way we kiss in the dark / But she’s so afraid of f-f-falling in love" I begin to sing aloud. I don't know who the song is by let alone the name of the song but It stuck in my head when  I was listening to the radio a few days ago.  


I set my shoes down on the dark bamboo wood floors. Idiot, I foot that the dress is see through. I quickly run into my closet, in search of the dress section, I make a few wrong turns but eventually I found it. Being the smart person I am I grab a rose pink that almost identical to my nail polish something like a skin tight spandex material. For a better idea its a bandeau that goes from your breast down to mid-thigh, and it's for see through dresses or to be realistic a dress for a night club. I slip the bathrobe off and slide into my 'spandex dress' right there in the mids of my closet. Now I don't usually do this but today I am running late because of the whole fight over the dress thing... But today I decided to leave the robe on the ground to pick up later unless the maid gets to it before me. And before you ask I am already standing in front of my garment dresser, I pick out a pair of undies slide them on and then with precision movement I latch my matching pink lace strapless bra on.   


Now for the dress I walk out to my bed and well lets just say that I may be a tiny bit of a dork. I spontaneously decide that jumping on my bed right now shouting the lyrics of the song I was humming earlier, would be a great idea.


"White lips, pale face / Breathing in snowflakes / Burnt lungs, sour taste / Light's gone, day's end / Struggling to pay rent/ Long nights, strange men" My phone sang 


"Holy shit! You scared the hell out of me!" I screamed at my phone still standing on my bed staring at my phone that is sitting on my lime green circular couch. I decided it would probably be a good idea to pick up my phone, so I decided to jump down, slip into the see through dress, run and grab my phone.  


"Ello" I said in a funny accent picking the phone up. I walked over to my closet and went to the coat section. Now where was that shawl  


"Hello, is this this Carter Evans" A more professional assertive voice replied   "Yes, considering you called my phone, you should expect me to pick up" I talked into the speaker now pulling the shawl off a hook.  


"Ms. Evans, I have some unfortunate news for you" the other line told, I have concluded it is a male voice  

"Okay, I don't know if I envy hearing it but, continue" I answered more intrigued and in tuned with what the other line had to say. By now I was at my make- up table grabbing and putting on my 5 pink metal bracelets and now attempting to put my envelope necklace on.   


The necklace has been paced from generation to generation, it's a tiny metal envelope that opens. Attached by a small chain is a small palate that comes out of the envelope and engraved on one side 'Stay True' and on the other 'Always a Blessing'.  I un-wrap my hair from the towel and just shake it to give it a really wavy affect.  


"Ms. Evans, I am Officer Kenton. I work for the LA police department. We are to believe that your parents have been in a bad car accident.," I stopped, I was putting my other shoe on, struggling with the heel. I didn't believe him so I finished putting my shoe on, I stood up straight and walked towards my door closing it on my way out. 


"No, my parents went to the store about an hour ago, they should be walking in the door any minute now" I was having troubles breathing now.   "Ms. Evans, your parents died on impact in the collision"   


"No... No... No, my parents are coming home any minute now!" my nose was runnning now from the tears that were forming in my eyes. I sat at the bottom of the steps just staring at the front door intently, waiting for my parents to walk straight through the door. Nothing, I sat there with my phone still pressed against my ear, the officer hung up about 10 minutes ago saying that he was on his way to come take me to the down town police station.   Was this it? I actually don't have anybody? I stood up and screamed at the top of my lungs. I ran into the living room and lost it. I stomped up to the mantel and swung my arm across it knocking every vase that sat there. It all fell and so did I I fell to the ground and just like the vases I shattered.

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