Forgive & Forget-- Harry Styles Fan Fiction

Melody has always had to put up with the abuse of her father, when she was 16 she met someone who could help her, she met Harry Styles. But what happens when he auditions for X Factor, becomes famous and stays away from Melody for 2 years? What happens when her dad escapes from prison, finds her again, and then abuses her even more for putting him in prison?

Copyright All Rights Reserved © 2012-2013 LaPokemon


2. Packing Day

I woke up the next morning on a soft plush surface; it was a bed. I looked around and noticed it wasn't my room. I didn't move though; I was very tired. Then I remembered Harry, Anne and everything that happened. I sat up on the bed and wiped my eyes; I smelt pancakes downstairs. I never got to eat at my house, my so called dad would never feed me. I turned to the side, and let my feet hang down a bit. I was startled when I heard a husky voice from behind me saying good morning.

I turned my head around and saw the same curly headed boy that helped me come here, and get away from my dad. "Uhm.. Good morning..." I replied.

"Are you feeling any better?" He asks, coming next to me.

"Uh.. A little bit.."

"Okay, mum has breakfast ready. Let's go." He says, smiling.

I pushed myself off of the bed, but immediately fell. "Ow!" I cried, due to the pain in my knee.

Harry rushed to my side and helped me up, "What's wrong?" He asked slinging my arm over his shoulder.

"My knee, it hurts."

"Do you think you can walk?" 

I shook my head, "No," 

He then hooked his hand behind my knee and my neck and carried me downstairs. He put me to sit by the counter, and Anne frowned at me. "What wrong hun?" She asked.

"My knee hurts," I replied.

"Oh, well here." She says giving me a plate of pancakes. "Eat that, I'll take you to a doctor after, okay?"

I nod, "Thank you,"

"Anytime," Anne smiled.

Harry sits beside me on the counter and ate his as well.


"She just has a slight fracture," The doctor says to Anne. 

I was currently sitting on a hospital bed, with my foot dangling to the side. Harry was standing next me, making small talk as the doctor discussed deatails with Anne. The doctor wrote something down on his clipboard, and then we left. Harry helped me off of the table, and then we left. Harry picked me up again, and then we reached the exit and we left. We approached Anne's car, and Harry rested me into the back seat, and he got in on the other side. Anne got into the front seat, and waited for Harry to get in. When everyone was settled, she started the car and we were off.

When we reached home, Harry had to carry me again. "I'm sorry," I say to Harry as he held me.

He looked confused, "For what?"

I chuckle, "You have to keep carrying me every where."

He laughs, "It's really no problem. You don't weigh that much either."

Yeah, that's because my dad used to starve me. I happy you got me away from him. I smile, "Well thank you,"

"Don't mention it,"

Anne opened the door, and we got inside. "Okay guys, I have to go to work. And Harry you have school. I called your school earlier today and told them about Melody. So she'll be coming with you, stay with her, got it?" 

"Yeah mom, but we're late." Harry responed.

"Doctor's note," She says.

Harry nodded, and with that, Anne left.

I stood up, and winced a little at the pain. Harry helped me walk, by putting my arm around his neck. "He said don't put much pressure on your leg,"

"Yeah, but then he said I have to walk around a bit."

"Well, I'll just help you when you fall then." He says.

"Well thanks,"

He chuckles, "You say thanks too much,"

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