Forgive & Forget-- Harry Styles Fan Fiction

Melody has always had to put up with the abuse of her father, when she was 16 she met someone who could help her, she met Harry Styles. But what happens when he auditions for X Factor, becomes famous and stays away from Melody for 2 years? What happens when her dad escapes from prison, finds her again, and then abuses her even more for putting him in prison?

Copyright All Rights Reserved © 2012-2013 LaPokemon


1. Thank-You

I was outside picking some cherries for my dad, he wasn't home yet, he was at work. But he says he wants cherry juice every time he comes home, so he forces me to make it. While picking some guy came up to me, "Mind if I pick with you?" He says. I can't really say no, because it's not really our tree, it's a public tree that no-one claims is theirs. "No, not at all. I'll be leaving in a while anyway," I say to him. He smiles and starts to pick. I then leave and he walks behind me, I turn around and asked what he was doing. He said he was going home, and turns out he lives in the house behind mine and daddy's. We live in a line with three houses, the last one is kind of abandoned though. We walk home together and when I reached home daddy was waiting for me by the gate, "Melody, what are you doing with him?" says daddy.

"I was trying to get him to leave me alone, but he wouldn't listen." I lie.

"That's not true, you said it was okay if I walked with you." They boy says.

"Melody!" Daddy says sternly. "Upstairs to your room, now! I don't appreciate you lying on the neighbors child." I know what's coming next, like last night. He was mad that he lost his game of golf, so he took his anger out on me. He tied me to my bed and started beating me, he hit me on my back and burnt me. I drop the basket with the cherries and run upstairs to my room. Sometimes I wish my mum was alive, she wouldn't have let this happen. But I'm happy that she doesn't have to go through the abuse of him anymore, she committed suicide 'cause she couldn't take it anymore, and now daddy takes out all his anger out on me. I peek out the window and saw the boy had left and my dad was coming upstairs. I run to the door and tries to push it close, since my dad broke the lock on it. But he pushes his way in, he slaps me causing me to fall. "What the hell did I tell you about lying to me!?" He shouts.

"I'm sorry," I say crying

"Well, his mother is coming over today, and I do not want you talking to him or her!" He says and then leaves.

Sitting at the table with Harry and his mum, my dad and her are getting married. But she doesn't know what she's in for, 'Leave while you have a chance,'I keep saying to myself. But what I didn't know is that I was whispering it too, and daddy heard me. "Melody! To your room, now!" He says.

I get up from the table and walk to my room angrily. After about a minute daddy comes in, "What are you thinking!? They're rich, I could divorce her and get her money!" He says in a loud whisper."

"But that's not right," I say.

"Do you know what's right!?" He shouts slapping me.

"Stop, please!" I beg shouting.

"Shut up!" He says grabbing my arm and scraping me with his nail.

"Ow, stop! Please." I beg again.

I manage to push him away and run out of my room, I bumped into Harry as I was trying to run. I say sorry and he helps me up, then my dad comes out of the room. I hide behind Harry and beg for him to leave me alone, "Leave me alone!" I beg.

"Melody, why are you hiding?" He says like nothing happened.

"Don't touch me, please." I say crying.

"Melody what's wrong?" Harry asks me.

"He be--"

"There's nothing wrong, she makes up fake things about me when she gets punished." Daddy says bluntly.

"That's a lie!" I shout.

"What's going on here?" Harry's mum comes and asks. "Oh hun, what happened to your arm? It's bleeding." She says to me. She then looks at daddy who was trying to hide the blood on his hand from cutting me with his nail. It's really sharp and it leaves marks every time.

"Mark have you been beating her!?" She says.

"No, I most certainly have not! Why would I even touch my precious daughter?" He says innocently.

"He's lying! He does beat me, I still have marks on my back from yesterday and the burns on my stomach. And you can see the cuts on my hand, he takes all his anger out on me! And he's only marrying you for your money!" I exclaim.

"You little bitch!" He says pushing Harry aside, he then shoves me to the ground and starts beating me again.

"Let her go Mark!" Harry's mum says, but he doesn't care. "Harry do something," She pleads. Then Harry picks up one of daddy's golf clubs and whacks him in his head with it, causing him to go unconscious. I roll him off of me and stand up, "Thank-you," I say wiping my tears away.

"Harry take her to our house, I'll call the police." She says to Harry.

"Okay mum," He says. He takes my hand and leads me out of the house. We walk to the back where they live and he opens the door and I sit on the couch. He then goes to the kitchen to get a washcloth, he comes back and hands me the washcloth, "Here, try to get the blood off. When mum comes back she'll take you to the hospital." He says smiling.

"He's not gonna come back, r-right?" I say as I take the washcloth.

"Don't worry, you'll live with us now. He can't come back." He says.

"Are you sure?" I ask.

"Stop worrying yourself, please. I'll go check on mum, stay here." He says getting up. I grab his hand before he can go, "Please don't leave me alone," I beg.

"I'll be back," He says.

"Please," I beg again.

He sighs, "Okay, but please stop being scared. You'll be okay.." I smile, "Thanks,"

After a while Harry's mum comes back in, "Are you okay darling?" 

"Not really... He's not coming back right?" I ask.

"No sweetheart, he's going away for a long time." She replies. "Okay, so you can stay and live with Harry and I. No-one else lives here but us, tomorrow you can pack your stuff." She smiles.

"Okay, thank you." I reply.


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