Book 2: Forever Yours

***I would like to thank Alicel98 for creating the name of this book, thank you so much! xx***
New baby is born into the Tomlinson family, what happens when Chad comes back and tortures Callie even more? Making Louis jealous? Making CalLou, split?

Copyright All Rights Reserved © 2012-2013 LaPokemon


9. 9. Day three

Callie's POV

"Callie what's wrong?" Chad asks shaking me. I broke down in tears and he hugged me, "What's wrong with you? Stop crying, you're gonna make them figure out." He whispers to me. 

"I guess I'm just home sick," I say. "By the way, can you bring Allie in here?" I ask trying to change the subject.

"Sure, I'll be right back." he says. Great now's my chance, when he leaves I'll say it to the camera. 

"Wait, come with me. He says putting his hand out to me. I accept it and we walk out the room together. 

"Nice Callie, I saw straight through your plan, you're not as smart as you thought you were." He says.

"What plan are you talking about?" I ask.

"I know you were gonna say something in the camera to make Louis know that this was all an act." He says.

"I wasn't gonna do that," I say. How'd he know?

"Don't lie," He says.

"I'm not lying!" I defend myself.

"How about tomorrow we change the kiss into a little more?" He suggest totally changing the subject. 

I stop, "What!? You're not seriously thinking I would go that far, do you? No way! No frigging way!" 

"You have no choice." He says.

"NO! I said no, and that's final!" I say. "Just drop this and let me see Allie."

He grabs my hand and drags me along to the room where Allie was. When we got there she automatically started crying, I picked her up and start rocking her. "You better shut that damn thing up!" Chad says angrily.

"If you yell you'll make her cry more." I say calmly.

"Sh-h, Allie." I say. 

"I want d'yaddy," She says stopping from crying. I turn to Chad who was just standing by the door staring at me, "No way!" He says.

"Please, just do something nice for once." I beg.

"No, now make her go to sleep or something and let's go back to the room." He says.

"She can't go to sleep without Louis," Lie.

"Just get her to sleep or something." He says.

"She won't go to sleep unless Louis sings to her." Lie.

"Well, why don't you sing to her. Like what you did last night to get her to go to sleep. I'm not stupid you know." He says.

I roll my eyes then rock her and start singing her favourite lullaby. After about half way through the song she goes to sleep and I rest her down on the bed. I give her a kiss on her forehead then walked back to the door where Chad was. He grabs my hand and pulls me back to the room where we were last time

 Before going in he stops by the door and turns me to face him, "Make a smile," He commands.

"I can't just make myself happy like that." I say.

"Well try something!" He says.

"That'll just make it harder." I say.

"Fine then. Just pretend to be tired and then go straight back to bed and sleep. Then tell me to come cuddle with you." He says.


"I have a gun, I will kill them." He interrupts.

We walks back into the room, and I go crash on the bed. "Come cuddle with me," I smile to Chad.

"I'm not that tired, we just woke up." He says. What am I supposed to beg you?

"Pleease!" I act to beg.

He sighs, "Okay," He comes beside and lays down, he puts his hand behind his head and just stares up.  

"What'cha thinkin' 'bout?" I ask as I lay on his chest.

"Nothing really, you still sleepy?" He asks.

"Yeah, I didn't really sleep last night." I say.

"Oh, well try to sleep." He says wrapping his arms around me.

Imagine it's Louis, imagine it's Louis, it's Louis. The comfort of Louis hugging me feels warm and nice, wait stop, it's not Louis. If I act like it's Louis it will make me like him more. So it's um... uh.. think! If I think it's Chad I'll feel uncomfortable, and if I think it's Louis it makes Louis more jealous than I guess he already is. Imagine Harry's my older brother, he's ten years older than me. And I'm six years old and he's sixteen. I just had a nightmare and he's helping me get over it. Great, nor over the due lovey dovy love. *thump* What was that?

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