Book 2: Forever Yours

***I would like to thank Alicel98 for creating the name of this book, thank you so much! xx***
New baby is born into the Tomlinson family, what happens when Chad comes back and tortures Callie even more? Making Louis jealous? Making CalLou, split?

Copyright All Rights Reserved © 2012-2013 LaPokemon


8. 8. Perfect...

Louis' POV

"Louis calm down, Chad probably put her up to that. You know she wouldn't do that to you." Harry reasons.

"Why was she smiling, and she was blushing too! She was laughing with him, and she actually said she loved him! It doesn't look like Chad did! I can't believe she would do this to me," I say with my voice cracking.

*The Next Day*

I didn't sleep at all, all I did was kept my eyes glued to the screen. I wanna think Chad's forcing her to do this, but he can't force her to blush, or to smile, or to laugh, or to say I love you, or to look happy. My head is spinning right now. I check my watch and see it's 7 in the morning, Harry just woke up and is trying to comfort me. But that won't help. I kept my eyes on the screen all the time, and didn't move it at all.

Callie's POV

"Callie. Rise and shine." Chad says. I'm already awake you god damn ass hole! Oh yeah, this is day number two's plan. This one is weird, well... Here goes nothing. "Go away!" I say groggy while pulling the sheets over my head. 

"Come on Cal, get up and start your day. Or I won't feed you." He says.

"I'll starve, now go away! I wanna sleep." I say again. He playfully yanks the sheets off and says Wake up! "Ugh! I hate you! Why do you want me up so early?" I say sitting up holding my head.

" 'Cause I wanna get to spend as much time in the day I can with you." He says.

"Aw, you so sweet." I say giving him a quick kiss. See how many times we have to kiss? I feel like throwing up... Why can't day three hurry up and come, put me out of my misery. I want Louis, I need Louis, I can't live without Louis. I wonder how seeing this makes him feel. I wonder if he's even watching this, maybe he isn't and he didn't see anything. Maybe he didn't hear when I said I loved you to Chad. Maybe he wasn't looking, maybe they didn't even notice the TV. Maybe the camera broke. Maybe he can read through this, and knows Chad forced me to do this. "Callie, are you okay? You're turning pale." Chad says. You know why? Because I wanna go home, I wanna go home, I wanna go home, I wanna go back home. I'm turning pale with all the anger building up inside me, maybe Louis did see. What will he do then?

"It happens in the winter." I say, that is true though.

Winter's my favourite season, because that's when Louis figured out I like him. If my skin never got pale maybe he wouldn't have met me. Hey, and maybe if Harry hadn't auditioned for the X Factor I would have never met Louis. I would have never fell in love with him. Harry would have never figured out the truth about me, mum would still be alive. If I didn't met Louis Chad wouldn't have gotten jealous, and then I wouldn't have even been on tour with them to get into that car accident, that Chad planned.

What if I got another boyfriend, just a normal not famous boyfriend. Chad wouldn't have figured out about him. I could've been happy, I would've never gotten raped again. I would have never gotten pregnant and made Allie, I would have never had the best kiss of my life up in that tree with Louis. I would have never had so much fun with a boy, no one ever makes me feel as special as Louis would. No one ever could, and I loved that. But now Chad is ruining it, he's ruining everything.

What if I just come out clean to Chad, say I can't do this. I could say, "I can't do this any more Chad, I don't want to make Louis jealous, I love him too much. I don't care if you keep me locked up in here, I would rather know Louis still loves me and that he knows I didn't mean to hurt him this way. He would know I still truly care about him, and I never had any feeling for you." I wanna say that so bad to Chad. But I can't, why? 'Cause maybe he will kill Harry or Louis, or Niall, or Zayn, or Liam. Who else does he want to kill to torture me?

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