Book 2: Forever Yours

***I would like to thank Alicel98 for creating the name of this book, thank you so much! xx***
New baby is born into the Tomlinson family, what happens when Chad comes back and tortures Callie even more? Making Louis jealous? Making CalLou, split?

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5. 5. Back on Tour

A/N: I did the last chapter on my tablet, I was thinking of doing way more than that. But it got annoying to type, so sorry. SORRY ALICE!!! Ok, so you guys no how when people become frustrated they say bad words? Well that might happen in this chapter, so please don't judge me. I try my best to make this realistic. 'Cause if you watch my movies, it's all about angels and demons and magical powers and all that rubbish. So um.. yeah. Enjoy!! :D

Louis's POV

"No! I refuse to go without knowing where she is." I scream to Paul.

"Yeah, I'm with Lou here. We're not going until we find her." Harry chimes in.

"Same with me," Say Niall.

"Me too," Zayn adds.

"Also me," Liam says.

"I don't care, she's just a girl. You'll find another girlfriend, you act like there's no one in the world like Callie." Paul says.

"Because there isn't! And we can't just know that a psycho has someone tied up, and not do anything. And he has a 1 month old baby with him too! You can go, but I won't!" I command.

"What if I told Simon about this, do you know how disappointing he will be in you guys?" He says calmly.

"NO!!!" I say louder.

"Louis, she' just a girl! Forget about her! The world won't end if you don't have her!" Paul says just as loud.

"Well she's my sister, and I want to find her." Harry says.

"Well, too bad! We already have the police on this case. Now get into the limo, 'fore I call Simon." Paul warns.

"Fuck Simon! I don't give a damn what he or anyone thinks. I'm not leaving without Callie!" I say as I storm out of the room. I know that maybe a little harsh, but I have to. And besides, Paul won't call Simon. I hope he doesn't, 'cause I will have to listen to Simon. Ugh! He will, and I know it. God help me! I sink into the bed and bury my head into the pillows, they smell just like Callie. Her sweet peppermint shampoo. Maybe I can just sneak away, I mean who would care if Louis from One Direction is missing. Ugh! Who am I kidding, a lot of people would care! "Louis?" I hear a familiar voice say.

"Go away Liam," I say to him, Liam, Niall and Zayn are not that close to Callie as Harry and I are. So what would they do to help me, I can't believe I'm saying this about one of my best mates. But I'm going through tough times right now.

"Paul called Simon and he wants to talk you." Liam says giving me the phone. I take it from his hand and put it by my ear, "Hello?"

"Louis? Listen, the police will find Callie. You need to go, we have cut the tour from three months to one month. Even if you stay there's nothing you can do to help Callie, sorry Lou. But you have to just leave this to the police." He explains. I hang up the phone and throw it to the wall, "Hey, that was my phone." Paul says. I didn't even realize he was here. "Hey, can you guys leave so I can talk to Louis alone please." Harry says. Everyone leaves and Harry comes next to me. He tones his voice down to a whisper and then starts to explain what we will do, "Listen, after the first week of tour we'll sneak away. The first week is gonna be right here. Since what happened the first, first time. Mum had the doctor put a tracking device in Callie neck. I have the thing we can track her with right her." Harry says showing me a box. "So then when everyone is about to board the plane to go to Manchester, we'll sneak out during all the commotion. Got it?" He says. God he sounds like an undercover cop.

"Thanks Haz," I say.

"No prob, now hurry up and pack. And make it look like I talked to you about forgetting her, okay?" He says.

"How are you so calm about this? Out of all of us, you're never good at hiding your emotions. And out of all of us, she's more close to you. And you love her the most, even I would admit that." I say.

"Well, I talked to Callie yesterday. She explained what the place looked like around her. Chad doesn't know she has her phone with her. She called me yesterday, but you were asleep. And she couldn't get access to your phone, since you um.. broke it." He says. 

"Is she okay?" I ask.

"She's fine, Chad doesn't hurt her or Allie. He actually treats her nice, and she's perfectly fine. So how about we go down now?" He says.

"Okay," I agree and we get up and walk out to the others in the limo. Our bags were already packed and stuff for tour.

A/N: Sorry it's short, but god am I tired. I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY ALICE, THIS IS NOT A CLIFFHANGER!!! AND MAYBE YOU CAN START USING LOWER CASE LETTERS WHEN YOU COMMENT, thank you.  Good morning/afternoon/night! Ps. Isn't my cover adorable? 

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