Book 2: Forever Yours

***I would like to thank Alicel98 for creating the name of this book, thank you so much! xx***
New baby is born into the Tomlinson family, what happens when Chad comes back and tortures Callie even more? Making Louis jealous? Making CalLou, split?

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30. 30. Meeting Someone New

A/N: I would like to thank Directioner_13_ for sticking with me and reading my book. You read from since chapter 2 of my first book, up till now. And I hope you will continue to read when I make the third book! 

Thanks for reading! xx 



Where do I know Isabella from, I look beside me where she was sitting and quietly reading a book. Her blonde hair swept back in a pony tale, while wearing a red dress (that reaches right above her knees), covered with a white sweater. "What are you reading?" I ask her.

"In a heart beat," She replies.

"Oh, am I interrupting?" 

"No, it's fine. I have about a page left in the book anyway."

"Oh, okay."

After a while she finishes the book and we continue to talk.


"Oh no, I missed the bus." Isabella says as she notices the bus leaving.

"Want me to give you a ride home?" I offer.

"No, I don't want to be a bother." She says simply.

"No, it's totally fine." I insist.

"Thanks," She smiles.

"Harry! Can you come over here, please." I call to the curly haired fellow who was chasing Niall.

"Time out, Niall!" He calls to Niall then makes his way over to where I was. "What's up mate?"

"This is Isabella, she just missed the bus. Can we give her a ride home?" I ask.

"Sure. Nice to meet you Isabella." He says.

"Guys, we need to head home, right now!" Liam says after shoving his phone back in his pocket.

"Why, what happened?" I ask.

"Management wants to speak with you, Lou." He says.

"Oh, well can we make a quick spin at Isabella's house to drop her off, she missed the bus." 

"Sorry, she can tag along with us until then." He suggest.

"Would you mind?" I ask, now facing my attention towards Isabella.

"Not at all," She says smiling. She's always smiling, kind of reminded me about how Callie can't hold back her smile.


As we reached the studio, I see Paul's black van in the parking lot. Harry parks right beside him, and then we all get out. Isabella stays in the waiting room, while the boys and I head to the conference room. We went in and were met by Simon and Paul, who were deep in conversation. After a while they become aware of our existence in the room. They face us and motions for us to sit, we agree and we each go ahead and take a seat in one of the five chairs set out for us.

"So, a lot of fans loved Callie. But since she's gone now, we will need someone who can fill her spot. Harry, you have Carson, Niall you have Bella, Zayn you have Katy, and Liam you have Danielle. Danielle has boosted your popularity, since she is a dancer. But as for you Louis, you will need to find someone fill the space of Callie being gone. If you can find someone by tomorrow, that would be great. But if you can't, we will have to set you up." Simon explains. 

"But, it's only been like a month since Callie.. died. Can't we wait any longer?" I plead.

"Sorry, you had an entire month to sulk, and get over her." Simon replies. 

I knew he never like Callie, when I told him we were getting married, I knew he didn't like the idea. But now he/s probably happy that she's gone, talk about cruel. 

"I can't find a suitable girl by tomorrow." I complain.

"What about Isabella?" Niall asks.

"We just met," I reply.

"Who's Isabella?" Simon asks.

"A girl I met at the park today, she's in the waiting room now."

"Oh, well let her come in."

I get up and go outside to the waiting room, followed by Harry. Isabella was just sitting on the long couch, her chin rested upon the palm of her hand as her elbow stands on the arm of the chair.

"Isabella?" I call.

"Yeah?" She asks facing me.

"Can you please come with us." 

"Okay, why?" She asks as she gets up to join Harry and I.

"Simon wants to meet you," I explain to her as I push the double doors open, to enter the conference room.

"Are you Isabella?" Simon asks.

"Yes, that's me." She says standing beside my chair, as Harry and I take a seat.

"Isabella what?" He asks.

"Isabella Collins," She nods. That name sounds familiar.

"How would you like to come on tour with One Direction?" He asks.

"I would be delighted to," She says.

"Great, you can get packed with 3 months worth of things you need. And the boys will pick you up tomorrow at 9, okay?"

"Okay," She nods.

And with that, we left and made our way to drive Isabella home. She had a normal one story house, plain white, with a garden at the back, and a small porch at the front. "Thank you so much, here's my number. Call me when you'll pick me up." She says handing me a slip of paper.

We waited until she reached in her house, and we then left. Simon says that I need to ask her out, and maybe we can be the new couple. Wonder how long that's gonna take. Jeez, these people kill me so much. Just let me live my life. 

A/N: So this is the end of book two, look out for book three! xx

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