Book 2: Forever Yours

***I would like to thank Alicel98 for creating the name of this book, thank you so much! xx***
New baby is born into the Tomlinson family, what happens when Chad comes back and tortures Callie even more? Making Louis jealous? Making CalLou, split?

Copyright All Rights Reserved © 2012-2013 LaPokemon


19. 19. #Sarium

*A Couple Hours Earlier From The Last Chapter*

Liam's POV

God I've gotta get out of this house a little, I got up and put my shoes on and was heading out the door and Louis was just leaving too. "Where you going Lou?" I asked him.

"Gonna drop off Allie at mum's, what about you?"

"I'm just gonna go for a quick walk, don't really wanna be stuck in this house all day." 

"Oh okay," He says walking to his car. 

I put my hood on and walk out, hoping no one would recognize me. Where to go? I could go to the park or something, I go to the park and thank god it's not snowing this year. I take a seat by one of the benches and just stare. Then a girl comes and sits beside me, "Hi," She says. I don't dare look at her, 'fore she notices who I am and starts screaming.

"Hey," I reply still looking away.

"You don't have to hide your face from me, I know you're Liam Payne from One Direction. But don't worry, I won't scream in your face." She says. 

I then turn and face her, her face lit up like if she wasn't even sure what she said was true, but now she knows it is. "So I guess you're a directioner?"

"Big time, but I can hold my shouts down when I'm in public. So what are you doing here?"

"Nothing, I just needed to get out of the house. So what's your name?"

"I'm Sarah,"

"Nice to meet you Sarah, wanna go to Starbucks for some hot cocoa?"

"Like a date?" She asks surprised.

"Yeah, if you want it to be."

"I'd love to!"

"Okay, let's go." I say getting up and outstretching my hand. 

We walk together to Starbucks, and take a seat by the counter.

"Hi, what would you two like today?" The woman at the counter asks. 

"I would like a peppermint hot chocolate, with whip cream, please." Sarah says.

"And you?" She says looking at me.

"I'll get the same thing, thank you." I reply.

"Okay, two peppermint hot chocolates with whip cream, coming up!" She says walking to the back.

"So, how come you ask a normal fan like me out on a date?" Sarah asks me.

"I don't know, you seem like a nice girl." I reply.

"Oh, well thanks." She says smiling.


Sarah and I walk out of Starbucks to flashing cameras and screaming girls, I grab her hand and we run away from them. We take a turn and hide behind a building, "Sh-h, don't say a word." I say putting my finger over my mouth. She nods, after a couple of minutes we come back out, no-one was there so we were free. "Wanna meet everyone else?" I ask her.

"What do you mean, like the band?" She asks.

"Yeah, and Callie's there too. She's always with us, since--"

"Since she and Louis are getting married on the 27th of December, I know."

"How do you know it's the 27th? That hasn't been put public yet." 

"Oh, um.. Lucky guess...? So it is the 27th then?" 

"I don't know that, you'll have to talk to Callie or Louis about that." 

When we reach the house, I open the door and we go in the living room to see Callie and Louis on the couch watching tv. Sarah immediately starts "fan girling." 

A/N: Sorry it's short, I have to go to bed. Night!

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