Book 2: Forever Yours

***I would like to thank Alicel98 for creating the name of this book, thank you so much! xx***
New baby is born into the Tomlinson family, what happens when Chad comes back and tortures Callie even more? Making Louis jealous? Making CalLou, split?

Copyright All Rights Reserved © 2012-2013 LaPokemon


17. 17. Meeting Back With Friends.

When I got back downstairs Carson, Bella, Katy, Niall and Zayn were here now. Everyone except Carson looked out of breath, "Callie!" They all screamed running up to me and hugging me. We stayed in a group hug then backed out, "I missed you guys so much!" I say.

"We missed you too!" Carson says.

"Why do you guys look out of breath?" I asked Bella and Katy.

" 'Cause we had to run from papperazi," Bella replies.

"Aw, poor you." I say.

"Hey guys look! They already have this on YouTube." Louis says.

"Really!? Do these people have a life?" Niall says going over to Louis. We all go around him and watch the video.

Recently on an interview One Direction member Zayn Malik said they were all single, other than the couple Callie and Louis. But why were Zayn and Niall found with two other girls today out at a park. Zayn was caught kissing the girl, while Niall was and his girl were peacefully on a bench sitting together. We have some images of the couple together, then a bunch of pictures started showing up. Wow, the really don't have a life. And also from an unknown source they show pictures on twitter with the two girls and Louis' girlfriend together, along with a few other girls. Is there some new girls added to the One Direction love life now? 

Also in other news, it says Harry Styles and Carson Drew have a relationship. Recent pics online sow the proof of the couple together. So is all members of One Direction taken now? Zayn with his girl, Niall with his girl, Harry with Carson and Louis with Callie. But who's with Liam, is he hiding a relationship too? Comment your thought on Zayn and Niall with their mystery girls.

"Aw, poor Liam." Zayn says.

"Oh shut up!" Liam says.

"Don't worry, you'll find a girl." I say. "So um.. Harry and Carson have some explaining to do." 

"What are you talking about?" Carson asks.

"You saw what was one the video said." Bella says.

"Oh, well Harry and I are dating now." She says.

"Since when?" Niall says.

"Too much questions guys." Harry says.

Allie then starts crying again, "I'll be back guys." I say getting up.

"We'll come with you!" Katy says as she and the other girls follow me.

We go upstairs and I pick Allie up and rock her in my arms, "She's probably hungry, can one of you go down and get her bottle. Louis knows where it is," 

"I'll get it," Carson offers. 

"So guys what happened to Bailey and Michele?" I ask.

"Oh, Bailey got a job in Ireland and had to move. And Michele went to join an acting class in New York." Bella explains.

"Aw, now Liam will never know Michele liked him." I say.

"Yeah, then everyone could've had a girlfriend in the band." Katy says. 

"So what are you gonna do for Louis' birthday, and Christmas and your birthday?" Bella asks.

"Why do all of those things have to occur in December? I honestly don't know what we're doing." I say.

"Well it's next month." Katy says.

"I know how," I say. Carson then comes back upstairs with Allie's baby bottle, she gives it to me and I feed Allie. She quiets down right away, thank god! Allie cries too much in a day. I sit down on the bed and the girls sit beside me. 

"So how you guys been lately?" I asked.

"Well, I got a job as Justin Bieber's person designer." Carson says.

"Please tell me you're lying." I say.

"Haha, I am. I'm just a fashion designer now. And the three of us are in college together, yay!" She says.

"I got a job as a Hollister Model," Katy says.

"And I'm a journalist," Bella says.

"That's great guys!" I say.

"So what about you? Did you get a job?" Carson asks me.

"It's not official yet, but I'm One Direction's stylist. I actually got the job a week ago, after their other stylist had to quit because she had to take care of her baby." I say.

"But you have a baby, too." Bella says.

"I know, but now I get to go everywhere with them." I say.

"Oh, and did you hear Chad was killed?" Katy asks. They only know about Chad because of what he did at the party. And of course I know he's dead, I killed him. "Yeah, I heard."

"You must be pretty happy that bastard's dead, right?" Carson says.

"Definitely, can we stop talking about death around Allie." I say.

"Oh sorry," Bella says. By now Allie fell asleep, so I put her back in her crib and put the bottle on the table.

"So when are you and Louis having the wedding?" Katy asks.

"We don't know yet, but it's gonna be a private wedding. With just our family and friends." I reply.

"Oh, that's nice. Are we gonna be bridesmaids?" Carson asks.

"What do you think?" I say sarcastically. 

"So what's the theme colours?" Bella asks.

"Well since Louis and I have the same favourate colour, red, we've decided upon red and white." I say.

"Oh, like Christmas. Maybe you guys should get married on the 27th of Decemnber." Katy suggests.

"Why?" I ask.

"Because it's close to Christmas, hence the Christmas colours. And if it's you and Lou's favourate colour, it's close to your birthdays. It's a perfect match!" She says.

"But that's so soon." I say.

"It's long enough," She replies. 

"I'll talk to him about it," I say.


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