Book 2: Forever Yours

***I would like to thank Alicel98 for creating the name of this book, thank you so much! xx***
New baby is born into the Tomlinson family, what happens when Chad comes back and tortures Callie even more? Making Louis jealous? Making CalLou, split?

Copyright All Rights Reserved © 2012-2013 LaPokemon


16. 16. Meeting Disapproving Parents

In this chapter I will mention Louis' ex girlfriend, but she's not a real person. Kay! So here's the chapter.

Callie's POV

Callie's Outfit:

So the boys are off tour, and today I have to meet Louis' parents for the first time. I'll be meeting his mum, Jay, and  step dad Mark. They were on vacation in Cheshire, and I was happy to finally be home. 

"You know you don't need to dress up all fancy for my parents right?" Louis says to me.

"I like to dress up," I reply.

"But you look great no matter what you wear." He compliments.

"Thanks, you've said that a million times." I say.

"Well it's true, try to prove me wrong." He says smiling.

"It'll happen some day." I say as a put on my earrings.

"Alright, so you ready?" He asks.

"Yeah, let's go." I picked up Allie and we left the room to go. We told the boys we were going out and then we left. 


"Hey mum, nice seeing you again." Louis says as he hugged his mum. 

"So is this Callie?" She asked as they backed out of the hug. 

"Yeah, Callie this is my mum." Louis says to me.

"Hi," I smile to her. 

"You know, Louis hasn't told me anything about you." She says. 

"Sorry 'bout that mum," Louis apologizes.

"That's fine, would you like something to drink?" She asks.

"Some water would be great," I say. 

"Okay, I'll be right back. Take a seat," She says.

I sit down in the couch and put Allie to sit on my lap, while Louis comes and sits next to me. 

"Louis come with me let's talk and catch up a little." She says. Louis get up and kisses me on the cheek before he goes with his mum to the kitchen.

Louis' POV

I followed mum into into the kitchen and she takes out a bottle of water. "So Louis, how long have you known Callie?" Mum asks me.

"About two years," I reply.

"And I've never known about her, that's ashamed Louis. Have you been dating since then?" She asks.

"Sorry I didn't tell you mum, yeah we were dating then." I answer.

"How did you meet?" She asks.

"She's Harry's sister," I answer.

"Oh, how many guys have she dated before you?" She asks.

"Mum! What kind of question is that? I don't know," I reply.

"What happened to Eliza, you guys were so cute together." She says.

"We broke up," I say.


"A few weeks into the X Factor," 

"So does the baby have your DNA?" 


"So she didn't make it with you? I don't approve of your relationship." 

"What!? Why?" 

"Well, she had a child before you. How is that?"

"She doesn't like me telling everyone about what happened, you will need to talk to her about that."

"Well any way, I don't think she's right for you." 

"Mum, we're getting married."

"WHAT!?" She says loudly.

Callie then walks into the room, "Is everything okay in here?"

"Come on Callie, we're going home." I say walking out of the kitchen.

"Wait, what happened?" She asks.

"Nothing, bye mum." I say.

"Bye Ms. Tomlinson. It was nice meeting you." Callie says as we leave. 

When we got in the car we drove in silence, except for when Allie was crying. I can't believe what mum said. She doesn't even know what happened. When we got home Zayn and Niall were gone, "Where's Zayn and Niall?" I asked Harry and Liam.

"They went to see Katy and Bella," Harry replies.

"Couldn't they wait, I want to see them too. I haven't seen them in two years!" Callie says.

"They're coming back home, oh and Carson called. She said she's coming over later today with Katy and Bella, Zayn and Niall will be home then too." Liam says. 

"Oh, Louis can we talk upstairs please?" She asks me.

"Sure, I'll be right up." I say as she goes up.

"So what'd your mum say?" Harry asks me.

"She doesn't like Callie," I say.

"So does she know you're getting married?" Liam asks.

"Yeah, she freaked out when I told her. I'm gonna go talk to Callie." I say leaving and going upstairs.

Callie's POV

I went upstairs and laid back on the bed with my foot on the ground. I held Allie in the hair while she kept giggling. After a while Louis came up, "What happened with you and your mum Lou? You didn't seem too happy when we left." I say as I out Allie in her crib.

"She doesn't like you," He says looking down.

"Why not?" I ask sadly.

"Because Allie doesn't have my DNA," He says looking back at me.

"Because of that? Does she even know we're getting marries?" I ask.

"She does now, but she doesn't seem too happy about that. But maybe if I tell her the reason why she doesn't have my DNA she would." He replies.

"Well just tell her then," I say looking down at my feet.

He comes up to me and raises my chin up so I was facing him, "Listen, even if she doesn't like you. I'm still gonna be yours." 

"But if she doesn't like me, what will you do? Ignore her all the time?" I ask.

"When I explain what happens she'll understand," He says planting a sweet kiss on my lips.

"I hope so," I say. "I'm gonna go change,"

"Okay, I'll be downstairs when you're done." He says.

I go to the bathroom and take off all my jewelry and make up. I don't really wear make up, I think this is the first time. Well if you count lip gloss as make up, then maybe I wore make up. I changed into some regular clothes and went back downstairs.

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